Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2018

Tips for Decorating a Toddler’s Bedroom

By the time your baby has transitioned into a toddler, his nursery will be ready for an upgrade. The cute bunny wallpaper and pastel-themed décor won’t suit an active, boisterous toddler. Here are some tips to help you design a fun, practical bedroom for a rambunctious 2-year-old.

photo Alyson Jones

Cot to Bed

Most toddlers have long outgrown their cot and are already in a bed, but if your toddler is just about to make the leap, make sure you select the right bed. Toddlers can sometimes fall out of bed, so they need a bed rail to keep them safe. Adult single beds tend to be high, which is fine for an older child, but toddlers are better off with a small, lower bed designed for younger kids.

Cabin beds are great for small bedrooms, as they combine storage with a bed. Alternatively, invest in a themed bed, such as a Batmobile or a Princess bed. Let your toddler be part of the decision-making process, but don’t give them the final say, or you could end up with something hopelessly expensive or unsuitable.

Themed Bedrooms

While your child is young enough to appreciate your artistic skills – or lack thereof – design a themed bedroom. Be guided by what your child likes, so if they have a favorite Disney movie, create a bedroom around that story. Or, if dinosaurs are their passion, paint a jungle mural on the wall and add some dinosaur decals.

There is so much you can do with a theme and most ideas are pretty easy to implement. For example, if you decide to turn your toddler’s bedroom into a Finding Nemo underwater aquarium, paint shades of blue and turquoise on the wall, add cute pictures in round picture frames to look like portholes and stick fish decals on the wall. Your toddler will love it.

Practical Flooring

Toddlers can be messy. They are not old enough to be careful when drinking juice or eating snacks, so it is inevitable that the floor will get messy. Carpet is soft underfoot, but not easy to clean when food and drink are spilled everywhere. It is a much better idea to use laminate or hardwood flooring. This is easy to clean and a nice smooth surface for toy cars. You can place a rug in the center of the floor, so your child has somewhere soft to sit when he’s playing with his toys.  


Toddlers have lots of toys and books, so unless you want to spend your life picking them all up, make sure there is plenty of storage in his bedroom. Shelves for books and soft toys are essential, but it’s also worth adding units large enough for plastic storage crates. Investigate different storage systems and select the one that best fits your theme.


Lighting is essential. Toddlers like nightlights, but a small lamp will come in handy too, for when it’s time to wind down at night, ready for bed.

Let your toddler help you plan his new bedroom. Listen to his ideas. If he feels included, he will love his bedroom even more.

Author: Arijit Singha

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