Published On: Tue, Jul 14th, 2020

Tips for creating personalized holiday cards on Mixbook

During the holidays, you might be so busy to the point that you get behind in creating greeting cards for your family, clients, or customers. Thankfully, Mixbook is here to help you create custom holiday photo cards that reflect your personality and pass your intended message effectively.  The site helps you create photos that are customized in seconds, and which are easy to print re-size to fit your social media platforms. The site has a wide selection of designs and templates that you can choose for your photo frames; moreover, if you do not like the available designs, you can create your preferred frames.

Why You Should Choose Mixbook for Holiday Photo Cards

It is easy to create your photos on the site, and you can upload the photos from anywhere and place them in the design with simple and intuitive controls on their site. Moreover, the site is easy to navigate, and the vital instruction buttons are strategically placed for you to find without struggling.

The site allows you to customize all your holiday cards, and it does not constrain you to the templates which are available on their site. You can change the layout of the photo cards and the background. Moreover, Mixbook allows you to add your graphics on their site, which can make your card look beautiful.

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The site has beautiful card designs, and you will find out that you might not even need to choose your designs. Moreover, it offers you a bland canvas if you want to create something that reflects your thoughts and personality.

The cost of the cards varies from $15 to $100 depending on the size of the card and quality of the material.

Tips for Creating Your Personalized Holiday Photo Cards with Mixbook

  •       Use photos with sufficient resolution, Mixbook recommends photos with at least 300dpi and they should be 4mb in size, as photos with less resolution will not look good when printed.
  •       Carefully pick your book shape; after making a selection, it can be difficult to change it later. Some of the shapes offered by Mixbook include square, portrait, and wide. You can customize the shape further if you love oval or any other shape which is not available on the template.
  •       Choose the type of paper you love, Mixbook offers a semi-gloss option that is elegant and basic, but if you fancy a more elegant photo card, you might opt for matte papers which are pricier.
  •       If you make mistakes, you can redo the steps by pressing the undo button at the top of the Mixbook site. If you change your mind before printing your card, you can make changes on the site, and this can help you get the holiday card of your dreams.
  •       Ensure that you order your card in advance when you need it, as it can take at least seven days to get your card with express shipping.

The Bottom Line

Choose Mixbook for your holiday cards as the site helps you bring out your message clearly and reflect your personality. The site offers cheap services depending on the size of the card and the quality of the paper. Moreover, the site is easy to navigate and offers you pre-designed beautiful designs with the option of creating your personalized shapes and designs for your card. 

Author: Anderson Lele

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