Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2020

Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Thanksgiving is the time for family members to gather and be grateful for the entire year. It is a time to relax since everyone is on holiday. Sadly, this day is anything but relaxing. Given all the preparation you need to make, you don’t see yourself being able to relax. It is true if you are hosting the event for the entire family.

Yes, preparation can be stressful, but you can’t let it prevent you from having fun. Thanksgiving is still a particular day, and if you can find a way to get out of stressful situations, it will help.

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Create a plan

If you are hosting the event, you need to know it months in advance. You can list everything you need to prepare. You can make changes in your home to improve its appearance. You can also buy everything that you need before your guests arrive. When you know what to do, even as the date approaches, you won’t feel bothered at all.

Don’t invite people who will make everything awkward

You will always have someone in the family who can turn things around and take the fun out of Thanksgiving. If you don’t want to stress out, you can tell this person not to come unless he is willing to settle issues before Thanksgiving. You can connect family members with problems to deal with so that if they decide to come over, they won’t talk about the same issue anymore.

Decide what to eat

If you are hosting, it does not mean you are preparing the dishes. You can ask everyone to bring a dish. You will reheat the dishes if necessary in time for dinner. You won’t need to bother cooking several dishes on your own. However, if you insist on cooking, you need to plan what you will cook and make sure you have all kitchen cookware appliances and cooking utensils for easy cooking of the food. Don’t try recipes you have never cooked before. Find recipes that you already know how to cook, so the process becomes fun for you.

Eat out

If you can’t stand preparing dishes, especially if people are expecting turkey, which you don’t know how to cook, you can take them to Upper West Side restaurants in NYC. There are several restaurants in this part of New York that offer the tastiest turkey meals you will ever find. You don’t need to worry that your family members will criticize the food you cooked. You also don’t have to wash piles of dishes or clean up the dining room once the dinner is over.

Don’t forget the focus of Thanksgiving

You worry about a lot of things to make your family satisfied with your hosting. However, the primary reason why they travelled long distances is to meet together. You don’t often meet during the year, and it is the chance to make up for lost time. You can’t be too worried about preparing dishes or cleaning up the house since you might lose time bonding with the people you love.

With these tips, you will look forward to Thanksgiving, instead of dreading it.

Author: Oliver Samson

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