Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2018

Time To Know About The Different Stages of Brother and Sister Relationship

Growing with an older brother is a fun and quite painful all in one. There are few phrases of siblinghood that many of us all go through before reaching to that vantage point in our relationship where we actually understand our sweet childhood and relish those moments spent together. It’s a very common fact that brothers usually mess around with the sisters, make them buy them food, make them watch the same TV show what they want, irritate the sisters all the time and the list go on. They also enjoy to embarrass you in front of your friends,  joke around with you because simply your older brother knows how gullible you are. The bond between brother and sister is so much special and it’s really different from the other relationships. And now you actually realize the fact that how beautiful bond it has ever been between your brother and you. This Raksha Bandhan, no matter where you put up, you can easily make your brother feel special by sending Rakhi online from a popular online gift store.

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Now, this article tells you about the different stages of brother and sister relationship:

“Hey, I am your older brother (ages 1-5)

From the ages 1-5, an older brother is really excited to have a sister in the family. They finally have someone to play with and they are taught to protective. He tries to lift you up and make you feel pampered all the times. Eventually, you grow up following your brother as you consider him as your role model.

“I really wish you were a boy.” (ages5-8)

The honeymoon part of the brother and sister relationship is over in this stage. Your older brother no longer thinks you are cute. Your chicks are no longer fun to squeeze as he used to do in the first stage. He wishes he had a younger brother instead of a younger sister.

“Ok, you might not be a boy but I am going to treat you like a boy” (ages 9-12)

Here comes the acceptance part. He has finally realized that you are not his younger brother but he still treats like one. This includes playing video games with each other and playing the mockup wrestling on the bed etc.

“I don’t want to play with you anymore” (ages 13-16)

It’s his teenage time and very obviously he is not in much of a relationship with a little sister like you. You both are too old to play the kid games and begin to focus on different things. He is much involved in making new friends, playing different types of games and finding the new interests.

“I need your piece of advice on a specific situation” (ages 16-19)

Everything starts to change as you both grow old and that’s the best part. It’s a beautiful journey from that awkward gap to an age where you both can share the secrets of each other’s lives and being the support for each other.

“Can we hang out and watch a nice movie together” (age 19-21)

Now you guys are finally at the age where you both want to watch a nice movie together, going out for a lunch plan. Your brother has become your best friend and at the same time, he behaves like a responsible protector of your life.

The relationship between you and your older brother is really nice and you both are the world for each other. This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate this beautiful bond that you have been sharing together all the time with the same day Rakhi delivery from a popular gift store.

Author: Samon Rathi

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