TIME offers biased message to electors to vote against Trump to fulfill vision of Founders

TIME Magazine named Donald Trump their Person of the Year, displaying the President-Elect with devil horns in a Hitler-style photograph, which would make the white nationalists proud. Now the magazine proves they are even more biased then previously thought with Geoffrey R. Stone’s articleElectors Against Trump Are Faithful Not Faithless” – a disgusting piece packed full of irrelevant facts and opinion designed to normalize the idea of upending election results if it’s NOT his candidate.

Stone attempts to paint the role of an elector as one of faith and conscience, not duty. Using references to JFK and his book, Profiles in Courage, the liberal law professor calls for courage in politics and for the electors to make the unpopular choice by voting for Hillary Clinton.

The point is loud and clear: Stone is calling for Liberal Fascism – ignore the rules and vote for how the leftist feels is right.

Before he even takes office, Trump is Hitler to the left

Before he even takes office, Trump is Hitler to the left

It may surprise some to hear that we are a REPUBLIC and NOT a DEMOCRACY. Some votes in Congress can sound like the masses rule, but context matters and that is NOT the case.

Using Republican votes against Robert Bork and those who supported the awful McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Act as examples of compromise and how divided the GOP really is, Stone tries to make the sellout an easy step.

It sounds reasonable that you would object to that loony Republican Party and our Framers would understand.


Yep, Stone even evokes slavery and the power of smaller states versus those liberal havens like California to quote the Founders’ intent to develop the Electoral College to preserve “the sense of the people.”

But the TIME only sees Trump as “nonsense” and therefore, the system must be broken to have elected this man. There hasn’t been a call to rise up against the “nonsense” of Democrats.

A slew of insults and quotes (especially during the GOP primary) further paints a picture of a splintered Republican Party (and it was/is to a certain extent), but the SYSTEM IS NOT BROKE. NOTE: There is no similar portrayal of the Democrats or the DNC’s rigging of the primary to stall Bernie Sanders’ chances.

“The sense of the people” elected Trump which contrasts this brain trust of elitists at TIME.

Popular vote – DOESN’T MATTER.

Trump theatrics – DOESN’T MATTER.

Russians hacking the Clinton server – STILL DOESN’T MATTER.

Stone can tell the TIME readers that these electors would be “faithful” heroes by switching their vote, but they would spineless weenies, caving to the LEFT – the very LEFT that created the culture for Trump to win.

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Where was Stone and the TIME calling for JUSTICE after Benghazi, the AP scandal, the IRS targeting non-profits, the lack of fiscal responsibility, the Fast & Furious disaster, the email scandal, the DNC-CNN scandal, the Podesta and media scandals….where?


The recount scam didn’t work and now the Russian hack nonsense isn’t working, so a full on Hitler attack campaign is coupled with this manipulative attempt to coerce electors to vote against the results of their states?

The LEFT is increasingly disgusting.

You hate Trump, we get it.

Evoking the 2000 Election shows that you still don’t even understand or care about the rules. The total vote count STILL DOESN’T MATTER and when Trump wins you will look like a bigger and bigger loon.

Were there apologies or proper concessions after the Wisconsin recount gave Trump MORE votes or the Michigan recount revealed massive Democratic voter fraud in Detroit?

No and no.

Stone concludes:

“If they do not award the presidency to Donald Trump, they will of course be condemned by Trump and his supporters and accused by them of destroying our democracy. That will be ugly…”

Yes, yes it will be. I didn’t vote for Trump and this move is worse that the GOP conspiring with John Kasich to stay in the race to force a contested convention.

“But this is where John F. Kennedy and Profiles in Courage enters the picture. If this is the right outcome, then our electors must fearlessly and courageously do right by our nation. That is their constitutional responsibility. If they fulfill that responsibility, they will not be “faithless” electors, but faithful ones. Our nation will be proud of their courage, their sense of responsibility, and their integrity, and they will have fulfilled the most fundamental vision of our Founders.”

No, they will have fulfill the LEFTIST dream by destroying and betraying the Constitution and giving the LEFT a Democracy and NOT MAINTAINING THE REPUBLIC created by the founders.

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