Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2012

Tim Russ talks Star Trek Voyager, iCarly, Bugster and coming to MegaCon

Tim Russ is famous in sci-fi and fanboy circles for his role as Lt. Commander Tuvok on “Star Trek: Voyager”. While Russ has made several other appearances in the sci-fi genre, he’s made a mark on kid’s shows like “iCarly” and “Good Luck Charlie”. He will be meeting fans and signing autographs at this months MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.

Q: Tim, thanks for your time. It’s just been ten years since “Voyager” went off of the air. Are you surprised at the amazing reception “Trek” fans still give you?

TIM RUSS: Well I knew when I signed up for this journey on “Voyager” that I was in for a long ride. If the actors from the original series were still being appreciated and sought out at conventions, I figured I would be busy with the franchise for a while.

Q: You’ve made extensive contributions to the “Star Trek” mythos, but one in particular intrigued me. You co-wrote two issues of the “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” comic books (issues # 29-30), tell me about that experience.

RUSS: hmm…..I honestly don’t remember writing any issues of the Deep Space Nine comic book…..  Perhaps it was so long ago, I’ve forgotten.  If I did get credit for either one of those stories, it may have been just a suggestion for stories.

NOTE: Milehighcomics/wikipedia credits Russ with “Co-plotter” of the story “Enemies and Allies” which is about “The Mirror Universe versions of Tuvok and Bashir are rebels”

Q: Now you have worked on a ton of projects since “Voyager” but most notable is your role as Principal Franklin on “iCarly” and as Dr. Meijir on “Good Luck Charlie”. It has to be pretty cool to be reaching a whole new generation of TV viewers.

RUSS: Well in truth, I’ve was on two on-air series prior to Voyager, and one since the series ended. (“Samantha Who”) and a ton of guest star roles on Movies of the Week, and various series.  Voyager was in fact a departure from my regular routine of working on a lot of different projects.

Q: I know you are a passionate father and your work with your daughter Maddy on “Bugsters” (a children’s book and CD) is really amazing. You wrote, sang and produced the project. I know it won awards with Parenting magazine, so what’s on the horizon for “Bugsters”? Will we have more and more?

RUSS: Right now, there are no plans for another book or CD, but Jedda Roskilly, who co-wrote and produced it with me may be pitching it to one of the Networks as an animated series.. we’ll see what happens.

Q: One last thing I wouldn’t you to elaborate on is two of the charities that you support: The non-profit animal sanctuary Wildlife Waystation and “Kids in Need of Desks” in Malawi Africa. Tell us a bit about each of them and how you got connected with these two groups.

RUSS: The “Kids in Need of Desks” charity was inspired by Kevin O’donnell, who’s show is on MSNBC.  I watched his presentation of the story and his request to assist in helping out this cause and I thought it was worth contributing to.  I also support “Wildlife Waystation,” and have been for years. It’s a very large exotic animal rescue facility here in L.A. in the Angeles Forest.   I have toured the grounds on many occasions, and it’s really very impressive all the work and care they put into it, and I encourage people who request signed pictures from my site, to donate to either one of those charities in return for their request of an autograph.

Tim Russ, I want to thank you for your time. I hope to catch up with you during Mega Con. Best to you, your family and all of your endeavors.


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