Published On: Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

Tim Kaine talks jobs in Daytona Beach, full speech transcript

New TIME Magazine covers features Illegal Immigration Photo/TIME

New TIME Magazine covers features Illegal Immigration Photo/TIME

And then second, immigration reform.  I mentioned this earlier, but this is so important, so important.  Somos una nación de inmigrantes, ¿verdad?  Mi familia es de Irlandia, y toda familia es de muchas partes del mundo.  We have been a country of immigrants from our very first day.  In fact, if you go back and read – now, I’m kind of partial to the Virginians, like Jefferson.  We you go back and read the Declaration of Independence.  We are all familiar with the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, all men are created equal, but most of the Declaration of Independence, most of it, is a whole series of Jefferson shaking his fist at King George – you did this wrong, you did that wrong, you did that wrong.  One of the things he says is you wouldn’t let us have an immigration system to bring talented people into this country, King George, and that’s one of the reasons we’re declaring our independence.  From the very first days of this country, we have understood that new Americans are like kind of the – keep the bloodstream fresh, keep the new ideas coming, keep us connected to the globe and the global economy, […]

And so that’s why Hillary Clinton supports comprehensive immigration reform.  That’s why I support it, the bipartisan bill.  One of my finest days in the Senate was standing up on the floor and surprising my colleagues by giving a 15 or 20-minute speech purely in Spanish trying to describe the immigration reform bill, that the reporter had to report it all in Spanish, it’s in the Congressional record all in Spanish.  After I was done, they told me nobody’s ever done that in the history of the United States Senate, so that surprised me.

But you all know the European settlement of the 50 states didn’t start with Jamestown, Virginia with the English.  It started with the Spaniards in Saint Augustine, 42 years before Jamestown.  So immigration reform done the right way is really important.

And the Donald Trump plan, which is not only don’t do immigration reform but shake your first at new Americans and call them names – call them names – and whether it’s an inmigrante nuevo, somebody who’s here just for the first day or whether it’s a Latina governor of New Mexico, or whether it’s a federal judge who was a respected U.S. prosecutor before he was a federal judge – and Donald Trump made fun of […] because of his Mexican American heritage.  Those aren’t los valores de mi pueblo, those aren’t the values of our country.  And so that’s an important difference and that will help our economy too.

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