Published On: Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

Tim Kaine talks jobs in Daytona Beach, full speech transcript

Trump was involved in a condo project, in a couple of condo projects, here in Florida, where he took the down payments and took the money, tens of thousands of dollars that people paid him, and they paid him, but they didn’t get their condo, and he walked away with the money.  They got hurt because they believed Donald Trump.

photo/ Lisette Brodey via pixabay

photo/ Lisette Brodey via pixabay

Students who wanted to advance in life and they saw some flashy ad or something about Trump University, who thought, wow, this is going to be my path to success.  They gave thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and end up with something that wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.  They got hurt because they believed Donald Trump.

So when Donald Trump says, ‘Hey, believe me,’ all you got to do is look at all these other people that believed him and got hurt.  We’re too great a nation – we are too great a nation to run the risk of believing Donald Trump.  Too great a nation.

Now, don’t take my word for it.  I mean, I will admit, I’m biased towards Hillary Clinton, so don’t take my word for it. All right.  Moody’s Analytics, which is probably the premier economic analysis firm in this country, and it’s run by a guy who was John McCain’s chief economics advisor in the 2008 campaign, they have analyzed the two economic plans, the Trump plan – although Moody’s said we have a hard time getting the details, but we’ll analyze what we have – and the Clinton plan.  And what they said basically is you’ve got a ‘you’re fired’ president or a ‘you’re hired’ president, right.

The Hillary Clinton plan, if implemented, would produce – I want to get my numbers exactly right – more than 10 million new jobs in this country by the end of her first term. That’s a ‘you’re hired’ president. The Donald Trump plan, on the other hand, would cause the American economy to lose 3.5 million jobs and lead the nation into a, quote, ‘lengthy recession.’ I mean, this is not even close.  I think we want a ‘you’re hired’ president.  I think we ought to run away from the ‘you’re fired’ president as fast as we can.

There are so many issues to talk about, and I’ve just laid out the guts of this job plan.  But let me just mention two others that I’m worried about and I imagine you are too.  The first one is Zika, a public health emergency.  Now, if you go look at what Donald Trump has said about Zika, it’s kind of crickets.  It’s like nothing.  I think he acknowledged it once on a show, yes, it’s a big problem.  Okay, well, I knew that before I heard him say that.  But if you look at what Hillary Clinton is talking about – I mean, this is a huge worry in Virginia, a huge worry in Florida, affecting tens of thousands of people in Puerto Rico, and we are really in for a significant public health challenge if we don’t do something about it.

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Now, here’s what Hillary says we should do and here’s what I’ve already been working on.  In the Senate, we hammered out a bipartisan proposal to invest $1.1 billion in a whole variety of ways to stop Zika from turning into a massive public health threat.  Some of it is mosquito abatement, so doing all kinds of things to break down the density of mosquitos that carry Zika, and those mosquitos also carry chikungunya and dengue, so it would help with some other diseases too.  We need to be working on developing a vaccine.  We’re a ways away from developing a vaccine, but if we invest more in that research […] vaccine keep people safe.  And then there’s other things too that we ought to be doing in the states that are most likely to be affected.

It’s not free, but we came up in the Senate with a bipartisan proposal.  Democrats and Republicans passed it overwhelmingly.  Sent it over to the House, and the House put kind of what we call a poison pill in it.  They cared more about fighting Planned Parenthood than they did about fighting Zika. Folks, Planned Parenthood is not a public health emergency.  Planned Parenthood is an important provider of health care to millions of women in this country.

And so what we are now calling – Hillary Clinton’s calling for this, the Senate Democratic leadership – we’re saying Congress should not be in recess when Zika is advancing.  We ought to go back in an emergency session – and demand that the House pass the bipartisan bill that we have on the table, so we can start making these investments to keep Floridians and keep Americans safe.  That’s an important one.

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