Published On: Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

Tim Kaine talks jobs in Daytona Beach, full speech transcript

Number one, in just this jobs program, we’re going to invest in manufacturing because we’ve got manufacturing businesses just like my dad’s, just like Hillary Clinton’s, that need to grow, that need to find new customers, and that also need to find new workers.  There’s jobs that are going wanting right now because we’re not training in the skills that are needed by some of our businesses that want to grow.  So we’re going to invest heavily in manufacturing.  We’re going to invest heavily in infrastructure.  Why not build the roads and the railroads and the airports and the ports and the electric grid and the high-speed internet connections?  Why not build them?

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

I mean, okay, I was a mayor and governor and did a lot of economic development deals, and here’s what I learned about doing projects like this.  If you do infrastructure, you invest and you hire people today to do the building, right?  But then that – what you build raises the platform for, like, 50 years.  You know, it is easier for goods and services to move around because you built the transportation network […] and that helps the economy for 50 years.  So investment in infrastructure is good today, it’s good for tomorrow, and that’s what we’re going to do as part of this 100-day plan.

We’re going to turn the corner on – we’ve been having to cut research.  I served with my friend, your Senator Bill Nelson, in the Senate and the Republicans have been trying to choke off through austerity, through sequester, investments in research.  We’re the greatest research nation in the world, but our funding is being slashed and slashed and slashed – research to find new technologies and clean energy; research to find new cures for diseases.  We’re going to build the research back up because often it’s the research that produces the next generation of jobs.

We are going to be a leader of making investments in clean energy.  What’s happened, look, in the last five or 10 years with solar and wind and green biodiesel, it’s not only been good for the planet.  Florida and Virginia share something in common: sea-level rise really, really affects us.  The other side is going around denying that there’s any change in the climate at all, but hey, in Virginia we’re seeing it every day, and in Florida you’re seeing it every day.  And so how do we do the right thing?  Well, let’s create that cleaner-energy economy which not only will be good for the planet, but if we use American innovation, this is a great way to create new jobs in the solar field, in the advanced biodiesel field.  So that’s the other thing we’re going to do […]

So that’s – if you […] inauguration day and we bolt out of all the parties early and stuff, it’s because, hey, we’ve got 100 days – we’ve got a lot to do.  I mean, we’re going to focus on this biggest investment in jobs since World War II.

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