Published On: Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

Tim Kaine talks jobs in Daytona Beach, full speech transcript

So I am so happy to be here to talk about jobs, but also to talk about the training and skills that you need to get the good jobs.  And look, Hillary’s got the same story.  She’s got the same story.  Just like I grew up working in my dad’s ironworking shop, she grew up working in her dad’s drapery fabric printing factory.  You’ve heard her talk a little bit about that at the convention.  The classic small family business, rolling out the fabrics, printing it with silkscreen printing to turn them into draperies, bundling it into the van, driving it to the hotels that had purchased it.  So she comes out of a small business background too.  Raise your hand if you work with a small business in this room.  I just want to see.  Okay, we’ve got a lot of small business folks.  That’s the backbone of our economy.  Almost all the new jobs are in small business.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

So we’re here to talk about jobs.  We’re here to talk about jobs.  But the last thing I’ll do before I just get into it is just tell you how humbled and honored I am to be a part of this ticket.  I really am honored. Hillary – as President Obama said when he spoke, and wasn’t his speech fantastic last week?  Sí, se puede.  Yes, we can.  As President Obama said about Hillary Clinton, there hasn’t been anybody nominated by a major party for president who is as qualified as Hillary Clinton in a very long time, if ever.  If ever.

And so that makes me really proud to be part of the ticket, but another reason is I just think about 22 years in elected life – local office, state office, federal office – and all the strong women who have stood to support me – campaign managers, volunteers, my finance team, great campaign staffers, voters; more than half the voters in this country are women – my wife has supported me […] If you think about the number of us strong men who wouldn’t have done what we have done in politics over the entire course of our nation if it weren’t for strong women – I mean, think of Abigail Adams and John Adams.  There’s all these strong women who have supported strong men to be in politics.  And what this election gives us a chance to do as strong men is to be strong men standing up to support a strong woman.  I think that is a really, really good thing.  A really, really good thing.

So let’s get down to jobs.  Now, I’d like to boil things down and make them just plain, and I’m going to get into some details because los detalles son importantes, they matter, but I want to just be real simple.  America gets to choose about whether they want a ‘you’re hired’ president or a ‘you’re fired’ president.  That’s the choice. It’s so simple.  It’s so simple.

Hillary Clinton, she’s going to be a ‘you’re hired’ president.  She’s going to be a ‘you’re hired’ president. And she trusts you enough to tell you exactly how she’s going to do it, how she’s going to pay for it, and how you will benefit by it.  And all you’ve got to do is go to hillaryclinton.com and you can see the entire plan with all the details right there.  There’s basically five pieces to this thing.  To make an economy that works and doesn’t just work for some at the top, but that works for everybody, because that’s the kind of economy that we need, the first is a jobs plan.  Martiza talked about this.  In the first 100 days of a Clinton-Kaine administration – I still pinch myself when I say that – in a Clinton-Kaine administration in the first 100 days, we’re going to make the biggest investment in jobs since World War II, and we’re going to do it in some ways that can get the economy accelerated inmediatamente, and there’s also some longer-term plans that we’re going to be able to go after.  So here’s what we’re going to do.

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