Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2018

THR’s Tim Goodman proves why Trump won, attacking ‘Roseanne’ viewers and ‘ignorant’ Trump voters

So many on the left bemoan the results of the 2016 election, clinging to Russian scandals and beliefs in a stolen election, blinded by their own hatred, snobbery and elitism for “fly over country.”

The latest, and possibly one of the clearest proofs of this, can be found in the new THR column by Tim Goodman, attacking Roseanne viewers, promoting the messages in The Handmaid’s Tale, clearly painting these people as a disgusting pro-Trump tribal group.

“I don’t care to understand my divided country from that perspective — I know that perspective because I’m living in it, reading about it and watching its supporters behave badly while also in it. I’m not just happy to be in a bubble from people like the fictional Roseanne (or the real one) — I delight in the distance. I’m a proud coastal elite.”

Got that. Life in the echo chamber is grand for Goodman.

“I don’t want any part of those Roseanne-esque people and their ignorance or viewpoints. That’s not soap-boxing — that’s fact. Live your tragically insular, religiously hypocritical white lives somewhere I’m not. I’m fine with the divide — you do you. Let’s never meet and I’ll ignore you and suffer your breathing if we do.”

It’s factual that they are ignorant, their lives are insular (ironic since he’s in the liberal bubble), whites are hypocrites and these people are insufferable.

The Daily Wire warned: “Keep in mind, Goodman says this while shows like Will & Grace frequently compare Republicans to Nazis and shows like Scandal feature the main character undergoing an abortion to the tune of “Silent Night.” He has a whole slew —actually, the entire culture — of entertainment media that endorses his Godless, elitist, sycophantic worldview, and yet he picks the one show that spoils the party for him.”

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Goodman goes on: “While I absolutely believe that the United States in 2018 under Trump has enough racists, homophobes, gun nuts, under-educated and easily manipulated people to make the core ideas of The Handmaid’s Tale spring to life tomorrow if given the chance, is sending that message to people who already know this in their bones an artistically relevant achievement?

“We are a divided nation. From our news to our views — so often annoyingly expressed out loud in cafes and via social media — there is no longer a pretense of bipartisanship. From the 2016 election to now, we have seen ourselves more clearly than anytime in the last 40 years. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s the real us. I’m not remotely optimistic that the divide will be narrowed anytime soon and I don’t need a TV series to illustrate that to me, at least right now.”

To the author, America couldn’t have look at Hillary Clinton and voted for a lesser evil. America didn’t see through the media’s veil of bias and propaganda machine, rigging the coverage for the former Secretary of State. The 2016 must have been stolen, because MSNBC, CNN, Daily Kos, HuffPo, GQ, Time Magazine, Newsweek, ABC, CBS and those polls couldn’t have all been wrong.

That is the Trump derangement syndrome. That is life in the echo chamber. And, well, frankly, if Mr. Goodman wants to live there, then he’ll be equally upset, shocked and disappointed at America at every turn.

Mr. Goodman will believe the headlines telling him that two black men arrested in a Starbucks proves how racist America is…NOT that two punks thumbed there nose at authority, refused to buy a product and don’t think loitering is a criminal violation.

Mr. Goodman will be mortified to learn Senator Rand Paul changed his vote and allowed the confirmation of Mike Pompeo to move forward in the Senate.

Life is easy in that liberal bubble. You can convince yourself you’re morally and intelligently superior to the rest of us…sadly, you just won’t have much competition.

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