Published On: Sun, Oct 2nd, 2022

Three Ways to Better Protect Your Home

Your home is where you should feel most secure. It should be your haven and your sanctuary, somewhere that you can relax and be yourself. It’s also something that you’ve invested a huge amount of time, energy, and cash into, and that investment should be protected as well as possible. Most homes have some form of protection, but this article is about how you can enhance that protection, going the extra mile in order to make your home a fortress that you can feel truly safe and secure within. Here’s how you’ll do it. 


The best form of protection against would-be criminals who might aim to break into your home is through deterrence techniques. Here, there are many to consider, including:

  • Highly visible cameras around your home
  • A visible alarm system that flashes at night
  • Signs notifying visitors to beware that you have a guard dog
  • Clear and obvious security measures on your doors and windows

As well as these clear deterrents, you should also consider partnering with a private security firm that offers round-the-clock assistance if an alarm is pulled within your home. This can be an extra layer of protection if you’re fearful of a break-in. 


Your home is your responsibility. Leaving doors unlocked and windows ajar can be a red rag to a passing thief, so these are things that you should be careful to close and lock, especially when you’re away from your home for a sustained period. Meanwhile, you should try to take responsibility for the interior of your home, which can also produce damage without the interference of a criminal. 

For instance, old pipes might burst in the winter months, causing flooding. Old appliances may likewise leak, leading to staining and other issues. Electrical cables can malfunction, leading to fires. And other issues in your home, such as damp and other creeping problems, can also cause damage to your home that cost a huge amount to repair. Ensure that you’re being responsible with all these issues, addressing them in good time, to protect your home against damage. 

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Your final line of defense, and one of the most effective, is to purchase a home insurance policy. This is regarded as a must-have for those who have purchased a home, given the sheer scale of that investment and how damaging the loss of the home can be to the homeowner. Bear in mind, though, that policies can differ, which is why it’s important to speak with a Gatineau insurance broker who can find the best policies for you. 

As well as home insurance, you may also wish to consider purchasing a operating contents insurance policy. This will protect your home’s contents from theft or damage in the event of a fire or similar domestic disaster. Taken together, a home insurance policy and a content insurance policy can properly protect your financial assets and provide a safety net for you and your family. 

Author: Carol Trehearn

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