Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2020

Three ways for us to compare Bitdefender with Windows Defender

Whether you can trust Windows Defender to protect your PC is another matter. For this reason, we will compare it to Bitdefender, our choice as the best antivirus software on the market. Windows Defender has integrated our best list of free antivirus software. And if you are wondering where to buy bitdefender internet security then click here.

You may also want to take a look at our more detailed Bitdefender test before discovering who’s fighting the malware war in this Bitdefender vs. Windows Defender Comparison.

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Build a comparison : Bitdefender against Windows Defender

Bitdefender is a paid option with a corresponding list of premium features and is at the top of our list of recommendations. Windows Defender is free, and therefore has limits that we will cross.

To give you the clearest impression of how one antivirus software develops against the other, we will test Bitdefender and Windows Defender in the next section.


Whether you’re paying for an antivirus or choosing a free alternative, you need to know if the features are enough to keep you safe.


Most Bitdefender packages offer protection against cyber attackers using your microphone or webcam, with restrictions for both. Bitdefender is one of our top recommendations on how to protect your webcam from such threats.

Bitdefender threat detection continues with WiFi vulnerability scanners and software. They also built a firewall to defend against external threats.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the free, This protection is disabled and allows a competitor like Bitdefender to take control once installed. However, once removed, Windows Defender activates its own protection.


Antivirus developers like to offer multiple pricing plans that protect certain features against higher costs. Bitdefender is no different and offers various plans, but with particularly good discounts for new customers. Let’s see how Bitdefender and Windows Defender compare in a price war.


Bitdefender offers four pricing plans, but they offer different pricing based on the number of devices you want to cover or the length of coverage. You can google this to verify.

Windows Defender

We would like to talk about the different Windows Defender pricing packages, but we don’t have to. It is completely free and included with your Windows 10 installation at no additional cost.

It is a bit unfair to make such a comparison between free and paid antivirus software, but we will do it anyway. Windows Defender will surely win this round. After all, $ 0.00 is better than $ 59.99 a year. However, the defender offers a complete security suite.

Easy to use

If antivirus software is not easy to use, it will scare the average computer user. Let’s test how easy it is to use Bitdefender and Windows Defender.


Bitdefender takes about 10 minutes to install and use. The basic installer downloads most of its installation files for you and does not require much interaction from you beyond a few clicks.

Windows Defender

Microsoft has done its best to make using the Windows 10 user interface as simple as possible, and Windows Defender is no different. You can usually find it as a shield icon on your Windows taskbar or in Windows settings area.

Bitdefender and Windows Defender offer useful clients that even beginners would find comprehensive. However, the easily accessible control panel in Bitdefender is slightly better, especially since you can customize it. It also offers an instant scan option. For these reasons, Bitdefender narrowly wins this round.

Final thoughts

Windows Defender is the standard antivirus program on Windows computers. Therefore, it is not unfair to compare it with an alternative like Bitdefender. Microsoft has done well to transform what was once a very simple protection suite into one of the best, at least according to AV-TEST.

Despite all the positives, Windows Defender is not a first-class antivirus protection. Bitdefender offers you more features and a slightly simpler client, as well as better customer service.

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