Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2019

Three popular types of essays you should know

Writing an essay is challenging thing. Most students are feared with what called writing an essay. Since essay writing is one of common obligations for every student before being established as a graduate, we need to study everything related to essay. In this article, we will discuss the three popular types of essay. We will discuss these three types in sequence, namely research essays, literary essays, and argument essays. Do you want more info?

Let’s proceed the explanations below:

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Researching Essay

This essay type leads you to browse the works or writings of others and asks you to compare their thinking with your thinking. Researching essay involves you to search for the relevant sources and synthesize the findings that you get from various writing sources. Findings and ideas that you got should be compared with the idea that you have. You have to get a text or writing about a subject that you will write and use ideas obtained to support the topic you will write. Because it is so easy for you to sink into a variety of papers that you got, then you should be very careful in limiting the topic to be written. In this case you have to classify and sort out which valid and reliable information to support the idea or topic you are writing. The most common problem in this type is plagiarism. If your essay looks in the form of quotations rather than expending your original idea, you do not synthesize but only replicate the ideas of others. A professor or teacher would give a lower score for the essay containing too many quotations.

Literary Essay

In writing this type, it is better for you to explore and undertake the construction of the meaning of a literary paper. This paper is clearly more complicated than just a review even though both are intended to provide an evaluation of a work. Literary essays are more inclined to comment or review by focusing on certain more specific aspects. Literary essay focuses on the discussion of literary works covered such as: the structure, character and characterization, theme, writing style, tone, atmosphere, and special advantages of the works discussed. You must discuss how something works or describes or offend a particular problem by wearing certain point of view and how the details of this work supports the viewing angle. You should take particular viewpoint on this work and questioning the essence of the themes discussed and discover how and why the details of this work are able to support your point of view.
Argumentation essay

The art of writing an essay is arguing something that is not easily mastered. Many people might think that if someone states an opinion, he can give an argument effectively. In fact, such people are often surprised when others do not agree with them because logic seems less convincing. To be a powerful argument essay writer, you have to be an expert in the field you write. When you choose a topic, avoid writing issues that you cannot possibly win, no matter how strong your feelings and your desire to write a topic or problem. Five most popular topics over time include possession of firearms to civilians, abortion, death penalty, freedom of speech, and euthanasia or the right to terminate life. If possible, avoid writing these topics because you may not be able to win the hearts and minds of readers because there are so many experts and practitioners who have written about the five topics. As a beginner, you will only be a follower in a range of these five topics. Try writing new topics that are being discussing in your community.

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