Published On: Wed, Jan 31st, 2018

Three Great Guns for Apocalypse

The future is frightening. Terror grips the West, while the East suffers from overpopulation. And everywhere, pollution plagues the earth. It is getting hotter and hotter as the damage to Mother Nature becomes irreversible. The world is going to hell. However, that doesn’t mean humans should go down as well.

As callous as it may sound, the world won’t last forever, but humanity can. And for humans to live, the species must learn to fend for itself against the apocalypse, against all odds, against the world. Humans must learn to fight to survive.

photo Joseph A Ferris III

Some of the tools that humankind need are weapons. Sticks and stones may break some bones, but guns can turn them to ashes and dust. That may seem grim when trying to survive in the apocalypse; however, it’s for the sake of self-defense, for the continuation of the species. Thus, in this article, you will learn about some of the greatest and best guns to have and use in the apocalypse.

Avtomat Kalashnikova, or the AK Series

While it may seem unpatriotic to mention a Russian firearm, in the apocalypse, nationality will no longer be important, and every man, woman, and child must learn to live together under the human flag. That said, AKs are perhaps the best rifles to own during the end of the world.

The Kalashnikova rifles, made popular by their first model, the AK-47, are known to be one of the most reliable guns since the Second World War. AKs are gas-operated and can use a wide array of caliber rounds, like the .22 long-rifle ammunition, so there’s always an abundance of ammunition to be had.

AK rifles are simple to use and easier to maintain. They don’t have much tech integrated into them, unlike their contemporary cousins. They’re built to be straightforward that even untrained civilians can use them. That’s why many rebel groups and terrorist cells prefer to use AKs, which is why the rifle series gets a bad rep.

Glock Semiautomatic Pistols

Why bring a pistol? Well, every type of gun has its specific role. Rifles are meant for mid- to long-range preemptive aggression, whereas pistols are for short-range defense. Though it may seem cooler to carry shiny big revolvers in the apocalyptic wasteland, they’re only useful to intimidate hostiles, which may not be smart enough to understand guns (i.e., wild animals) or even fear (i.e., zombies, if they are what the apocalypse brings).

Revolvers are slow to reload and, in the unskilled hands of a novice, slower to shoot effectively. So the best handgun to have in the apocalypse is a Glock pistol. Glocks are popular outside the military. They’re used by thugs and petty criminals, so they’re easy to procure even during the apocalypse. Just find a dead dude, and you’ll likely find a Glock.

And that’s why they’re one of the best guns to have in the apocalypse. They’re accessible, common, and easy to find. Time is a valuable resource at the end of the world; you don’t want to waste time scouring the wasteland for the perfect pistol.

photo/ Fabien Huck

Remington Shotguns

Rifles and pistols each have their own purpose in the apocalypse. For shotguns, they’re the bridge between the first two. If you can only carry one gun while living in the wasteland, choose a shotgun.

Shotguns are versatile short-to-midrange everyman’s boom stick. Certainly not subtle, they’re effective to mow down groups of hostiles in a world where humans may soon get overwhelmed. And they are the excellent tools for hunting food as well. When deciding what shotgun to bring, go for the most powerful ones. Something like the Remington Model 870, one of America’s favorite pump-action shotgun.

Survive the End

When faced with extinction, the “best” gun is subjective. It is often the closest thing that you can grab to shoot down whatever horseman is coming down at you.

However, once the nuclear dust has settled, go find any of the three guns mentioned. Your chances of survival will increase exponentially with those in tow. Who knows? Humanity’s existence may rest on your shoulders. You may be one of the few people left in the world. So shoot and survive the end.

Author: Zainab Sheikh

Photo/Robert D. Ward

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