Published On: Sun, Jun 3rd, 2018

Thomas Ravenel May Be Southern But He Certainly Isn’t Charming

No one knew what was about to happen when Craig Conover turned to Thomas Ravenel and said “now the thing that used to be gentlemen like back then, people would think you are a creep.” It could have been great foreshadowing, perfect editing or just an extreme coincidence but shortly after the episode aired, Thomas Ravenel came under fire for sexually assaulting and paying off the mother of Ashley Perkins.

Perkins was in the room when her mother told the story and was paid off by Ravenel after signing a non-disclosure agreement. Ashley did not sign the same agreement and has come forward with the allegations. Ms. Perkins should not be confused with Ravenel’s current girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs.

This is of course not the first time fans have learned of accusations against the disgraced politician and convicted felon. In 2014, Kathyrn Dennis’ hair stylist, Lauren Wells Moser, accused Thomas of physically assaulting her during an altercation outside of his plantation home. This story was touched on in early seasons of Southern Charm and Thomas forced Kathryn to sever all ties with the friend if she wanted to stay together with him.

After Ms. Perkins came forward with her mother’s story of sexual assault at the hands of Ravenel, a former nanny, Dawn (who’s last name is being kept confidential) went to police accusing him of forcible rape. Dawn was the first nanny for Dennis and Ravenel and was replaced with nanny Deidre who was recently let go this season on the show.

Most recently another woman, Luzanne Otte has come forward with her own story of not only Thomas Ravenel but also new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs alleging that both of them have engaged in harassment and cyberstalking. While Ms. Otte, a friend of Charleston Grande Dame and co-star on Southern Charm, Patricia Altschul, does not accuse Ravenel of sexual misconduct she does describe an incident in Ravenel’s home in which she felt in physical danger after an altercation with the highly intoxicated Charleston native.

Although all of these allegations are being investigated and have not been proven as of yet, they do give us an interesting look into Ravenel’s personality on the show. he’s always been portrayed as somewhat of a “cad” and this season is no different except we see the entrance of a new relationship. Have we missed the creepiness in past seasons or were they overshadowed by Kathryn’s irrational behavior?

Maybe the allegations are clouding my judgement on Thomas but this season he seems more and more similar to the allegations and a lot less the usual ladies man. In one of the first episodes he jokes with his new love interest over breakfast-in-bed that he should have slipped a “plan B” pill in her eggs. He has eyed up every pretty woman he has come into contact with, joked about being upset that he can’t date anymore and even went so far as to say that he had “all the money and all the power” to suggest that a woman should bow to his whim. On the latest episode he was seen screaming at several of the women on the show during a boat ride back to the home they were all staying at in Hilton Head.

The allegations may have come out after the season was taped and edited but it plays out as a character witness against Thomas Ravenel and in favor of every word these ladies have told in their stories about him. New rumors have surfaced that not only will their be more stories coming forward but also that his days on Southern Charm are numbered.

Meanwhile, I have to wonder if Kathryn was ever the irrational hot head we have seen in each season or if hiding Ravenel’s actions behind the scenes were getting the best of her. She certainly seems a calmer more mature person than we have ever seen and Ravenel seems to be…….well…..unraveling before our eyes.

I have to admit that even with everything we know, I am waiting with excited anticipation for each episode as we watch this story unfold. It may not be charming but it has been entertaining.

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