Published On: Sun, Nov 3rd, 2019

Things You Need to Know about Interactive Displays

The famous quotation goes by saying that seeing is believing and in terms of teaching this quotation seems to be so much true. Nowadays teaching and learning methodologies have undergone a revolutionary change. The teachers no longer use just whiteboard and chalk/marker. The whiteboard has been replaced by smartboard and now the smartboard has gone one step ahead with the new technology and we have interactive displays that are exclusively designed for teaching purposes. The following are some of the reasons that justify why the traditional smartboards in the classrooms should be replaced with interactive displays.

Interactivity Between Teachers and Learners Enhanced

So far, only teachers could use board while delivering the lecture and students would just listen to the lecture. The teacher had the privilege to use the smartboard and in case of any question, the students had to point out from a distance about the problem. With interactive displays, both teachers and students can share knowledge in terms of a lecture by the teacher and question-answer session followed by. The interactive displays allow up to 20 persons to exploit the wonderful features simultaneously such as touch palm, touchpoints, touch pen, touch palm and erase.

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Teacher’s Movement

During the lecture, the teacher can move freely while using interactive displays controlled-monitoring features. The feature of multi-device mirroring allows the teacher to interact with multiple shared screens from the active panel. Thus the students’ participation in the lesson increases multifold times.

Advanced Computing Specs

Interactive displays technology mostly come with Android operating system 8, with RAM 4 GB and ROM 64 GB. All of these features make the interactive displays more secure, reliable and fast.

Dual Sensors System

As soon as the teacher enters the classroom, the sensor built in the board senses the newcomers body heat and gets on stand-by. The teacher can start the interactive display with a single touch. So no especial training/education required besides time also being saved.

Excellent Sound Quality

The front-facing speakers with enhanced bass, the interactive displays make it sure that students listen better to the teacher’s lecture. The better they listen, the better they understand. So the device is a great package to commute knowledge to the learners’ ears.

The Unified Menu System

One of the very amazing features of the interactive displays is the unified menu. The unified menu, containing all the commonly used tools puts under the teacher’s fingertips. Some health care centers using them as a video wall for patients. Also, the visibility is pretty clear as the interactive display is just in the line of sight. The feature allows the teacher to access and move from content to resources without any pauses that may hinder the flow of the lesson.

Time-Saving Device

The provision of a unified menu on the interface enables the teacher to save all he/she has done on the display. All the apps, files or tools, formulas, calculations the teacher has performed, can easily be saved. So the teacher doesn’t have to rewrite/revise the same content over and again. This saving option really saves a lot of time and energy both of the teachers and the students alike. So, if you are the one who follows the flow, go for the interactive displays for learning purposes.

 Author: Farrukh Khurshed

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