Published On: Tue, Jul 17th, 2018

Things You Need To Consider While Purchasing A Miter Saw

Purchasing the right tool for the right job is bound to be fruitful in the upcoming years of its usage. This is the very reason why professionals pay heed to quality over price as a cheap tool won’t guard your back for long. This holds especially true in the case of miter saw which a complex machine is blending in accuracy and power. Thus, you need to do adequate research before purchasing the same.

Today we shall take a look at some of the points to consider while purchasing a miter saw:

  • Bevel and miter scales need to be properly aligned and easy to read so that you can proceed with accurate cutting. The most precise scales are usually marked in fractions of a degree or come with a digital display.
  • The small wall against which the board is placed needs to be adjustable for providing extra support while cutting large stock. Compound miter saw reviews from All about Saws suggest that best fences stand squarely perpendicular and at least 4-inches high from the table. A fence having sections for sliding up and out of the way is perfect for making bevel cuts.
  • A blade guard needs to be in place for protecting your hands from the spinning blade when the saw is working in full throttle. However, you should be able to lift out of the way by hand for getting a better view or keeping it from meddling with the cut. Professionals swear by saws which allow them to raise up the guard by an inch using their thumb on the trigger hand.
  • Most of the compound miter saws come with a laser guide which help in visualizing the path of the blade prior to making the cut. However, experts hold the opinion that lasers are not of much help if you are working outdoors under bright sunlight when it becomes impossible to make out the laser line. Keeping this lacuna in mind some of the latest miter saws feature a LED light system which shines on both the sides of the blade from behind for aiding you in using the narrow shadow as a guide.
  • Experts feel that dust-collection bags are not of much use unless you are able to attach a shop vacuum with the rear dust-collection port.
  • A built-in safety switch on the handle should be present for preventing the saw from stating accidentally. It is best to opt for one which can be easily operated using just your hand.
  • You need to determine the size of lumber you wish to cut with the mitersaw before purchasing the same. A 10-inch compound miter for example can slice through boards having width of up to 10 inches. Thus, you might be required to opt for a 12-inch saw if you wish to handle wider boards.
  • Compound miter saws can make mitered cuts by rotating in both left and right directions. But when it comes to bevelled cuts, some saws can tilt their heads in both the directions while others can go either way. Although a single-bevel saw is cheaper and lighter in comparison to its flip-flopping cousin, it can be extremely difficult to correctly position the board for making compound cuts.

With a large number of miter saws present in the market, you need to be extra cautious about choosing the one which will be in alignment with your ultimate goals. Safety needs to be your topmost concern while using a compound miter saw. You can wear hearing protection aid and safety glasses while operating a saw irrespective of its style or size. While cutting with a sliding miter saw, clamp your wood securely against the fence and don’t reach into the cutting area unless the blade has come to a full stop. It is safest to start the cut from the side closest to you and gradually push the blade forward.

Author: Sumeet Manhas

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