Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Things You Must Remember When Packing for Your Beach Holiday

Beach holidays are fun and exciting. Whether it is a short getaway or an extended family holiday, it is your chance to relax, unwind, bond together with your family or retreat in solitude, whatever works for you, after a stressful routine back home. Perhaps, the break from the monotonous routine and system reboot and the closeness to nature is what makes such holidays very exciting and people prep up for it with a lot of enthusiasm.

A lot of people ignore the fact that traveling to a beach requires a bit of extra preparation. Moreover, traveling is about lifestyle nowadays and therefore, the way you carry yourself on the trip speaks volumes about your style sense and personality in general. That means that the right kind of preparation will not only be able to enjoy the trip at its fullest without any discomfort but will also put you high up the style meter with the perfect photos for your Instagram. If you are planning to head to a beach trip any time soon, make sure you do have the following essentials on your luggage.

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Many people wonder why the need for luggage is so emphasized. Your luggage is your own portable closet when you are on the move that contains all your essentials and needs to be protected. However, you need to understand that it will not always be handled with care. Once you check-in your luggage, the airline and cargo handling staff often handle baggage roughly. As a result, you might end up with torn or broken casings and trolleys. The last thing you would want is receiving a piece of broken luggage as soon as you land on your destination. Besides investing in a good quality sturdy luggage, also make sure that it has a good security system to avoid theft. A conventional three-digit lock can be easily broken.

It is strongly recommended that you invest in a good quality international luggage brand such as American Tourist. Not only will it go a long way, but will also give you an added advantage of the international warranty. When buying a piece of new luggage, look for something that you can carry conveniently. Ideally, a smart four-wheel trolley bag looks both stylish and is easy to manage.


Whether you are going for a short getaway or an extended vacation, backpacks can be a lifesaver. In fact, a good backpack can also allow you to completely ditch the checked in baggage. Especially, when you are traveling with family with young dependents or if you are on an extended vacation, a good spacious backpack can allow you some extra storage space. Besides extra storage, you can take your backpack along conveniently for island hopping and other day trips. If you need to take short domestic flights, you can travel with your backpack on a no-frills airline and leave your luggage behind.  Make sure your backpack is waterproof and has comfortable back support.

Clothing and Shoes

Ideally, you should pack light for any vacation in order to be able to enjoy. Beaches are usually tropical destinations with humid climates so you do not need to stuff in those jackets and sweatshirts. Light t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and vests are good enough. Just pack in one pair of jeans or a cocktail dress just in case you need to go to a fine dining place. A pair of joggers and a pair of Hawaiian is more than enough

Swimming Wear and Gear

If you are planning to take a dip in the sea, do not forget to pack your swimwear and gear along. Even if you do not intend to do so, it is still recommended to pack a swimming suit, swimming goggles and a swimming cap at the very least because you never know when the aquatic waters tempt you to dive in. Many people decide to shop for their swimming supplies on the trip. Although that might be an option, know that tourist places are often more expensive and you might not find what you are looking for due to issues such as size. When picking up your swimming wear, make sure you factor in cultural restrictions of your destination if there are any, For example, certain countries may only allow Burkinis or covered swimwear for females.

Diver’s Watch

Anyone who is into diving and snorkeling should invest in a good diver’s watch. In fact, even if you are not into full-fledged diving and are planning a casual dip, a sea watch or divers watch can be a lifesaver. Contrary to popular opinion, a regular water-resistant watch is not designed to stand diving and water pressure of the sea. Divers watches and sea watches are designed to resist under water pressure so that you can easily keep a track of time while you are exploring the underwater world. If you are picky about watch styles and is searching for a high quality watch for underwater activities, consider investing in an Omega Seamaster. The Omega Seamaster 300, also known as the James Bond watch goes deep in history and is a popular choice among watch enthusiasts. The Seamaster Collection is one of their reputable longest standing models for Omega watches.


A true beach vacation is incomplete without cool pictures of you beaching under the tropical sun. A good DSLR camera is a must if you want professional quality pictures. If you do not want to carry the extra burden of a camera, invest in a phone that has good camera quality. Generally, iPhones of series 7 or higher are known for professional grade photos.


It is important that you pack toiletries along when going on your beach trip. Even if your resort is offering you complimentary toiletries, you would want to pack your own if you have sensitive skin and scalp issues. You may pack travel or deluxe sized supplies if you are only planning a short getaway. If are okay with the hotel provided toiletries, it is still recommended that you pack a medicated sunscreen, so that you can enjoy the beach sand without worrying about the harmful sun rays and sunburn.


Keep important medicines for yourself and your kids. If you have any allergies or immune issues or a necessary list of prescribed medicines, make sure you take that along because you might find it difficult to find the same formula in another country. Make sure you have basic medicines for fever, anti-allergy, vomit and stomach problems.

Author: Muhammad Tayyab

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