Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2018

Things You Have To Know About Workers Compensation

There are many different accidents that can happen at work. Some are not serious but others can lead to long term disability. Because of this, it is really important to know as much as possible about workers compensation, which is mainly supposed to cover medical costs and give you money for the work days you end up missing as you are hurt at work.

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Worker comp insurance is almost always something that exists. However, this is not always the case. Also, if the injury happens when you are at your job it does not automatically mean you will receive benefits. According to a highly experienced Oakland injury lawyer, this is the most common misconception that appears. Always remember the following when talking about

Report All Illnesses Or Injuries

If the doctor says an illness or injury happened because of your job, you need to report it. An incident report is then filled out and you are helped by the company to get the treatment you need. If you do not report the injury and you then look for compensation, after you are treated, there is a pretty good possibility it will be very hard to receive money. When you do not receive paperwork or there is no call that comes from the insurance adjuster, you want to follow up with the boss as something is not right.

Tell The Healthcare Provider Your Injury Happened At Work

As you fill paperwork at the doctor’s office or at a hospital you should check the box stating that the injury happened while at work. This makes bills go to the insurance company or the employer instead of you having to deal with them. When choosing your very own doctor, you want him/her to be certified or approved for workers compensation claims.

Choose The Appropriate Medical Provider

When the injury is treated like an emergency you do not choose where you are taken by the ambulance but in other situations the employer may need to direct you to some hospitals, doctors or clinics. It is important to go where the employer recommends in order to have the bills covered by the insurance plan.

Check Medical Records

Medical records need to mention injury circumstances and history, listing all body parts involved. You will not receive compensation to treat those parts that are not listed in the medical records. This is why you want to check the records and be sure everything the doctor told you is included in the official reports.

See What Compensation Coverage The Worker Has

You want your employer to explain exactly what workers compensation is in place. There is surely some sort of brochure that presents all program details. Read that and see what is covered and what is not. In the event you feel that there is something you do not understand, just ask. It is the responsibility of the employer to give you all the details needed about this type of insurance. When explanations are not offered, you may need to talk with an attorney.

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