Published On: Tue, Jun 22nd, 2021

Things To Know Before Buying An 80% Lower

If you love guns and want to customize a firearm you’ve always anticipated having, here is the good news. You don’t need any special licensing or paperwork to build a gun for yourself. And remember that you can avoid spending thousands of dollars on tools but need to get your hands on something that’s almost a complete gun. That’s where 80% lowers come in. 80% lowers are an un-serialized receiver blank or an unfinished firearm that cannot be operated without additional fabrication. You need to complete the 20% by yourself to convert it into a functional gun.

You can visit http://www.80percentarms.com/80-lowers for buying 80% lowers, but before that, here is a little information that we want to provide you. As there are many misconceptions regarding making a gun, we want to keep you updated with some facts.

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Buying An 80% Lower Is Absolutely Legal.

In all 50 states, buying an 80% lower is legal. You can use 80% lowers along with other parts to design a firearm which is also permitted under federal law. Those 50 states don’t consider buying an 80% lower illegal, as it is not considered a firearm. You don’t need to go through a background check or fill out any forms to purchase your 80% lower.

The Most Popular Types of Lowers and Frames

There are many easy to fabricate 80% lowers available on the market, and you don’t need to invest in power tools to make it functional. Currently, 80% receivers can make the following makes and models:

  • AR-15
  • AR-9
  • LR-308
  • 1911

What Are the Components Required to Build a Firearm?

When you decide to buy an 80% lower, you have covered two out of three parts of building a gun from scratch. Now you need to know what else you need. 

With the right tactics and tools, you can make the perfect gun in the first go.But there are a few more things that you need to buy along with your 80% lower.


There are a variety of jigs available since each is designed for corresponding 80% lower frames. During fabrication, you must follow the jig guide to complete your gun. The guide helps you drill precise holes and make specific cuts on the frame or lower, to accommodate all the unregulated parts.

The Other Tools Required

The tools required to use with the jig depend upon the gun you’re making. For AR-type builds, you might need a drill press or milling machine along with the jig. For pistols, you might need little more than a hand drill. If you want to get a better idea of what exactly you require to complete your 80% lower, we recommend watching the videos on our website.

We always suggest you browse through various guides before starting your gun-making project. Every individual has a different skill set when it comes to configuring guns, but watching those videos will help you know which process is the best to get you started.

Author: Ben Sam

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