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Things to consider before designing your website

In today’s digital age, a good website is vital in ensuring the success of a business. And with the various platforms available today, such as WordPress, it has become easier for business owners to set up a powerful website. You can hire a website development agency, get in touch with a freelancer or even set up your website on your own using an online tool just like you would create a logo with a logo maker. The key is to make sure that you have clarity on what to look for in your final website. There is certain groundwork that must be carried out before you set out to build your website or look for a makeover for an existing website. These factors will ensure that your website is functional and save you a lot of time, money and energy as you won’t have to adopt a hit and trial approach to make your website successful. 

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  • Stay clear about the website’s core purpose and target audience


Strategising about the website’s purpose is one of the most critical steps that must be addressed before designing the website. The knowledge regarding the website’s core purpose and a well-defined target audience offers a strong foundation for the entire project. It is imperative that you map out what you need from the website and what is your end goal that it should achieve for the business. 

Once this has been defined, it becomes a guideline for whoever is designing the website. When you have a clear idea of who is your target audience or in other words who would be your visitors, you can create better design and content for your website. 


  • Conduct ample research into what others are doing


You may call it simple research, inspiration or even snooping but it is essential that you check out the competition. Look for what they are doing with their website and logo, it will give you an insight into what is working and what’s not. This should also be extended to successful websites from other industries and brands. Once you have checked out some great websites, it will provide an idea on certain key features you must add in your website. You need not copy someone else’s website ideas but it can strike inspiration as to what you can do for your website to make it shine. 


  • Create a detailed sitemap and wireframes for the website


You must have visited a website where you find yourself lost and confused in the sea of information and poorly organised pages. This is due to poor site navigation and maybe complicated layouts of the pages. In order to prevent this, make sure that you come up with a detailed sitemap before designing the website. This can be in the form of a rudimentary flow chart which can function as a guideline for the developer. Decide the number of pages, menus and their basic structure to assign a proper position to all the elements to ensure that the website does not appear jumbled up to the visitors. 


  • Add the content that is engaging and useful for SEO


Another key factor which ensures the success of a website but is often overlooked is the content. Content is not only limited to the text displayed on the website but also the images and videos. Create a strategy with an ample number of each kind as your website content is your virtual pitch for a visitor. Along with other elements, it makes sure that the visitors are spending time on your website and potential leads get converted. Apart from engaging the visitors, content is also crucial for the website’s ranking with the help of SEO. 


  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with an appealing website design


Once you have created your sitemap and content strategy, comes the actual website layout designing. When you are deciding on each page layout, don’t forget to get creative and make sure you have a layout that is distinctive and appealing to the eye. 

A clean and simple layout will prevent the viewers from getting confused and provide them with relevant information instantly. Also, make sure that your website design is adaptable and responsive to different screens. If your audience is largely mobile users, focus on a design that works best on mobile browsers. 


  • Set realistic timelines for your website launch 


A website is never perfect and never complete, it is an ongoing process and hence you should decide on a launchable target for your website design. Before you begin designing your website, set up timelines for each phase but make sure these milestones are realistic. Give due importance and allocate ample time for each element. These will help your project stay on course with timely delivery. 

As you design your website, make sure your website is adaptable so that it can be modified in future. And consider other crucial factors such as domain name, hosting etc as you begin the website designing and once your website is ready for the audience, conduct a bug test to smooth out any kinks. Using the list for these fundamental elements, you will have a powerful website ready in no time, so get going and all the best!

Author Bio:

Alice Jackson is a Blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant at a crowdsourcing company, Designhill. She is a social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, content marketing, designing trends, startup strategies, and e-commerce.

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