Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

Things That Are Most Necessary To Have On a Construction Site

Construction sites are some of the busiest and most chaotic workplaces someone can find themselves in. There are a huge number of procedures and potential hazards people need to be aware of.

When it comes to ensuring the efficiency and safety of a building crew, there are a variety of must have tools, specialists and routines that should always be present. Services like scaffolding hire make it easy for site managers to secure necessary equipment in a fast and affordable way.

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The following details some of the most necessary things to have on a construction site.  

Worksite Security and Access

There should always be adequate barriers, fences and signage to prevent any unauthorised people from entering the site, accidentally or otherwise. This serves to not only protect workers and valuable equipment, but to keep the surrounding public safe.

While the site will need to be accessible to people involved with the project who may not necessarily work there, it should be as closed off as possible. Area for vehicle entry should be marked clearly and take into account the local traffic flow.

It may be necessary to hire traffic controllers or extra signage to make sure that locals do not interfere with and slow down the building project.

Safety Equipment and Procedures

Probably the most important aspect of any work site, safety equipment and routines are required by law. Because of the wide variety of hazards that exist on a building project, ensuring that everyone is following the right protocol and using the right equipment is essential.

A site manager is ultimately responsible for the well-being of the crew so it’s up to them to make sure the rules regarding safety are enforced. This includes making sure there is enough gear present for everyone to use at the same time.

The crew will also need to be properly trained in how to use each piece of machinery properly to minimise any risks.

It may be prudent to hire a professional health and safety expert to remain onsite and make sure that all bases are covered. This will likely make workers feel more confident about what they’re doing as they know they have someone looking out for them.

A Foreman

A foreman is one of the most important people to hire on any building project. They will be responsible for organising and instructing everyone on what they should be doing. They will be a multi-tasker who can see the role of everyone in relation to the completion of the project and help everyone accomplish the shared goal.

Tools and Machines

Obviously every building site will require the correct equipment so that workers can complete their jobs. Making sure that the crew has everything they will or could possibly need is essential to maintaining smooth progress.

This includes the hiring of machines like cement mixers to bulldozers and cranes. Scaffolding hire services provide platforms that workers can use to safely work in high up areas.

If a set of tools or machinery is not present, work may have to be halted until it is secured. This can create huge delays in the progress of the construction job. Workers cannot be expected to compromise or use unauthorised methods to get the same result.

Rubbish Removal

Junk or rubbish removal is sometimes overlooked, but proper disposal of waste is essential for any well managed building site. Whether it is debris from a demolition or unused materials and packaging, there needs to be a system in place to get rid of it.

A build-up of rubbish is not only unsightly, but gets in the way of progress and can create hazards for workers. Having an adequate number of skip bins on site is a common method of managing waste.

Environmental Protection

Not only do the risks to workers and the public need to be minimised, but also any dangers to the local environment. Building projects can generate pollution and chemical waste that could hurt the surrounding eco-system.

Dust control should be implemented to minimise the amount of dust that escapes the work site and could contaminate the air quality. Noise pollution should also be taken into consideration by using a container shelter around noisy areas of work.

Contaminants and chemicals should be properly contained in catchments to prevent any run off into the ground water.


The most necessary things to have in a construction site are always those that work to ensure efficiency and safety. Considering all the inherent dangers and ethical responsibilities associated with this type of work, it is understandable that there are so many requirements for even the smallest scale project.

Services like scaffolding hire help construction managers to meet the necessary requirements so that their workers can get on with the job at hand.

Author: Colin Steinway

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