Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

These Home Improvement Ideas are Certain to Help you have a Better Daily Life

Every new season, we often find ourselves re-evaluating our every day so we can make each one better, easier, and more beneficial to us. And when it comes to home decor, there’s simply no exception.

To help inspire you with inspiring home improvement ideas to help you make the most of your space, Décor Aid interior designers shared some savvy update ideas that you can easily do on your own without having to spend a small fortune.


Before you begin any decor project, Décor Aid interior designers always suggest walking through your home to note what you think works and what doesn’t from room to room, while also seeing what works and what you don’t need to update.

Use those notes to edit, eliminate, and add what is needed to refresh the energy of each room in your home. It makes for a great way to better understand how your home makes you feel and what it is missing.


One of the most affordable and easy updates just about anyone can accomplish on their own is to switch out drawer and cabinet hardware for new ones for an instant update.  

By updating hardware you’ll give a second life to older, quality-constructed units while making them look modern and more attractive.


One of the best the easiest room refresh ideas of them all that won’t cost a cent is to rethink tabletop and shelf decor placement.

By doing so, you’ll have fun during the process and you’ll refresh the look and feel of each room while getting to better highlight accessories, books, and art in a new manner that’ll have guests asking where you got that new vase(you know, that one that was sitting upstairs hidden in a corner ever since you bought it five years ago!).


If you’re a morning person or not, thinking about your morning routine can completely change the set-up of your home from room to room so you can use every space to your advantage.

From making your bed every morning to putting yesterday’s dishes away, by adding just about 10 minutes dedicated to your tidying home every day, you’ll dramatically cut cleaning and maintenance time instantly. And you’ll also take pride in returning home and walking into a well-maintained, clean home.  


Take a survey through your home and shop and edit from room to room. This way you’ll be able to easily eliminate the excess while rethinking what could work somewhere else better. Plus, you’ll get to declutter in one fell swoop.

From tired pillows and throws to outdated tech to toiletries and books you no longer use or need for that matter, you’re certain to come across superfluous items that you simply can’t justify keeping any longer.


Because almost no home we’ve come across is outfitted with enough ample storage solutions and areas, there are plenty of options that’ll leave little impact on your current decor.

After all, why not store everything you want to hold onto in the best looking way possible? From slim-lined furnishings that boast genius hidden storage areas to a rethink of your current solutions, when it comes to storage, there definitely scores of savvy ideas to use to your advantage.


Are you short on extra space when it comes to displaying cherished collectibles, art, and books, and don’t have any more table space to stylishly display them? To save valuable tabletop space and take advantage of lost space, consider having affordable and handy floating shelves installed. This way you’ll be able to take in all of your prized possessions in one glance and you’ll also have an easier time locating and putting things back.


Whether you suffer from allergies or not, you should be routinely cleaning your pillows at least a few times a year. Or even replacing them about every 9 months for that matter. That said, when properly cleaned every so often, quality pillows can last for up to three years. So if you have been regularly cleaning them, fold them in half and if they don’t bounce back, it’s time for a replacement as they’re no longer going to do your back any good.


If you’ve got a green thumb or not, there’s a plant for you easily available. From plants that require little care to ones that can thrive in dark corners, there’s no reason to avoid adding plants in your home. But besides being affordable, organic, and easy on the eye while lending a room needed texture, they do come with beneficial bonuses of their own. If you do a bit of research before you head to your local nursery, you’ll find that there are scores of attractive looking plants that’ll also do double duty as they are celebrated for cleaning the air around them and removing toxins as they do it. And while that is great news, you’re also bound to find some pride as you see them grow over time.

Author: International interior design firm Décor Aid provides clients with premium decorating services centered around their lifestyles and vision while providing a transparent fee structure, a dedicated product manager, and vetted professional contractors, renovation specialists, and paint services.

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