Published On: Fri, Apr 28th, 2017

These Degrees Offer High ROI in the Future

A college education is still very expensive; too expensive for a large number of students and professionals who want to pursue a higher degree. The average credit hour at top universities costs around $400 to $600, which means typical course costs are around $70,000 for every student. The relatively high cost is among the many reasons why students are looking for degrees that can help them earn more in the future.

A recent study took another look at the best college degrees for maximum return on investment or ROI. The result of that study showed that some degrees do offer higher ROIs than the rest. Here are the top three fields to enter according to the latest research.


A degree in engineering is still considered to be the best degree for those who want to maximize their investments. A master’s in engineering or a bachelor’s degree in the same field can really help students land a better job and provide them with clear, lucrative career paths to take.

Engineering jobs also offer rewarding starting salaries, averaging at around $65,000 per year. For talented engineers, the increasing demand in this field is an opportunity that mustn’t be missed. Corporations are looking for more engineers as a way of coping with growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth of 3% a year in the number of new engineering jobs created. The growth will continue until the year 2024, which means now is the perfect time to start a pursuit for an engineering degree. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore by the time students complete their courses.

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A degree in economics or business management is also still very popular and valuable, especially considering the steady economic growth we are experiencing today. Companies are venturing into new markets, opening more branches and expanding their operations rapidly, resulting in an increase in the number of strategic management positions that need to be filled.

A degree in accounting, however, is the most valuable of them all. Universities such as New England College are responding to the increasing demand by making the best online MSA program available to more professionals who want to push their careers forward.

More and more professionals who are already working in accounting are pursuing a master of science in accounting online due to the flexibility offered by online programs. The costs of completing an online course are also lower by up to 40%, boosting the online MSA degree’s ROI even further.


Last, but certainly not least, we have a degree in statistics. We live in an era where data is key and those with the ability to process information can gain a competitive advantage. More companies are relying on big data and advanced data analysis to support their operations. To expand their data processing capacity, businesses are recruiting masters in statistics to join the team.

Statistics is also a fast-growing field that offers plenty of opportunities. Expect an average starting salary of around $55,000 for undergraduates, and almost double the amount for specialists with a graduate degree in statistics.

Are you studying for one of these degrees? Let us know in the comments.

Author: Joao Pedro

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