Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2019

The Worst Business Promotion Mistakes You Could Make Right Now

When done right, marketing is incredibly advantageous for a business since it can actually multiply profit. However, when it is done wrong, it can actually lead to bankruptcy. This is why it is really important to take the right steps as you promote anything related to a business. 

Because of the evolution of the internet, you now have access to numerous promotion channels that are perfect for businesses of all sizes, from small ones to large corporations. At the same times, it means there are more opportunities to make mistakes. 

Fortunately, with most business promotion mistakes, negative effects are not disastrous. But, if we are to look at the following ones, they can easily lead to huge PR scandals and reduced sales in just a few days. 

photo/ Gerd Altmann

Advertising That Offends Religions

No matter the business that you promote, from children’s products to Cipher Tech investment services, 2 things always lead to serious quarrels: religion and politics. This is because these are very important for most people. The one that is highly significant for businesses is religion because it is when you should never make a mistake with advertising. 

Never create ads that shame world leaders or religions. You might not be able to recover from the backlash. 

Body Shaming

It does not matter if this is unintentional or intentional since it leads to the same result. There are always many positive ways in which a business can be promoted. If you end up body shaming, especially in the event that you are involved in the health/fitness industry, you can expect your sales to quickly drop as more and more people learn about it. You would at least be faced with a huge PR disaster. 

Not Using SEO Or Disregarding SEO Strategies

SEO is not at all easy to do but it is a necessity for businesses these days. This is because when people look for products or services, they use a search engine to find the information they need. You can advertise as much as you want and end up with a lower ROI than possible because you do not think about SEO. 

Whenever buying advertising or creating marketing campaigns, it is important to think about how to implement some SEO strategies. A failure to do this just makes everything less effective.

Wrong Target Audience

Let’s think about a business that sells high-end computers. If the target of the business’ ads is made out mostly by classical music pianists, not many sales will be made. In a similar way, running ads for children food during football matches does not work. 

It is important to create ads and marketing campaigns that target the correct audience. When this does not happen, do not expect sales. 

Lack Of Evolution

Things change all the time in all industries, all around the world. You cannot stay old-school when people evolve and look for something more modern. Potential customers can easily label you as old-school and just not buy from you. This happens much more common than what you might think right now. 

Author: Andrew Simmons

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