Published On: Mon, Mar 3rd, 2014

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 update: Norman Reedus talks Daryl’s emotions and Emily Kinney

Daryl Dixon surprised fans with his emotions in the recent episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead and star Norman Reedus discussed the character’s changes.

The-Walking-Dead-Daryl-590x413“The deal was — we said in previous episodes — like we thought The Governor was gone. I say to Michonne, ‘The trail went cold and you should stop looking, and if it didn’t, I’d have been right out there with you.’ That’s why he blames himself so much for stopping to look for The Governor,” Reedus told AccessHollywood.com about the guilt that was plaguing Daryl in the second half of Season 4.

Reedus discusses Daryl in season 4 versus season 1 Daryl saying “…I wanted him to have that chip on his shoulder and I think that chip on his shoulder has manifested in all these different ways — with relationships with people, with girls, with boys, with how he views himself, with what he’s willing to do for other people, and how he went from being extremely selfish to unselfish and it’s just — I’ve just gotten really lucky playing this guy.”

The Boondock Saints star could help but praise co-star Emily Kinney as Beth.

“…Emily, watching her on the show and acting with her and doing scenes was that she’s just a doer. If there’s a scene where she walks over and picks up a cup, she doesn’t look at the camera, she doesn’t do anything. She just walks over and picks up a cup. It’s great to watch her because she’s such a natural, honest talent and you know that stuff on the porch when she’s talking about her past, and talking about her future and her family and stuff? There wasn’t a dry eye on set. She’s really, really good, and I think getting the opportunity to watch her shine is such a gift for all of us and I know it was for me there.”

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

Season 5 coming!

Season 5 coming!

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