Published On: Sat, Oct 12th, 2013

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 begins, Steven Yeun reflects on how the show has changed his life

The Walking Dead stars have had their careers changed forever and Steven Yeun, talking with Rolling Stone in the October 11 interview about those early days and how it changed everything.

the-walking-dead-season-4-steven-yeun“Talk to early season one Steven and he’d just excited to have a job. I didn’t really question the scope of what the storytelling was like. I was just like, “How do I keep being employed?” That was my focus.”

Yeun discussed what he thought was the success of the show.

“It disguises itself as an easy show to watch, like, “Oh it’s zombies. It’s action. It’s crazy. Let’s watch it.” It’s easy to jump into. Then you realize it’s trying for something much deeper: It’s a show about survivors and survival and how that works. Also, there’s an apocalyptic feel to the world right now. Just as the world’s getting flatter, as we’re more connected, we see worse things happening. Everyone is obsessed with this ‘When is the world going to end?’ kind of mentality. It’s nice to fantasize about.”

There is no turning back for the TWD stars and Yeun knows it.

“I came to a realization that my life, at a certain point, has changed forever. That’s strange. I freaked out a little bit. I stopped going outside my house. I started hermitting a little. If you had any insecurities, it just magnifies them because now you have the world watching. But I’m coming to terms with it.”

Check out the full interview here

October 13 is the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead


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