Published On: Mon, Oct 21st, 2013

‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Joseph Morgan talks Klaus, ‘The Originals’ saying there are ‘worse things than death’

As The Originals is set to debut in the UK, Joseph Morgan discusses his popular Vampire Diaries character, Klaus Mikaelson, on the new spinoff show.

Talking with Digital Spy in an Oct. 19 interview Morgan begins by addressing Klaus’s softer side.

Joseph Morgan as Klaus on The Originals“I feel like he’s conflicted about becoming a father. The thing about Klaus is he’s reluctant to care about anyone or show any kind of love towards anyone because he feels like it would be seen as a sign of weakness and exploited by those who would like to take him down. So I think that’s the main reason behind him putting up these barriers about this child.”

Of course, fans shouldn’t fear Klaus has gone soft or won’t flex his muscle.

“He’s just come back to this town that he’s been away from for 100 years, and now his young protégé is in charge and has an army of vampires at his disposal, so Klaus is really keen to make a strong display, make sure everybody knows how powerful he is and how he’s not to be trifled with. His family follows him there, but he’s determined that they not be seen as a sign of his weakness, that they not be exploited. So yeah, he goes for drastic measures to make sure that’s not the case.”

Settling down, problems with his siblings, Morgan discusses all things Klaus before offering the biggest warning about injuring his character.

“They really play like that, like in the backdoor pilot when he bursts into the party and has a huge go at Marcel and bites his man and says: ‘I am immortal, what are you going to do now? Who has the power now?’ So far, it seems like they are doing a really good job at that. There’s a great moment at the very end of episode two where we feel jeopardy for Klaus, and the whole sequence that I’m working on right now is very much so.

“Let’s not forget there are things far worse than death. There’s all sorts of things that they try to do to these characters. This isn’t part of the storyline, but for example, what if he was locked in a safe at the bottom of the Atlantic for eternity? There’s so many things. And the team of writers we’ve got are so wonderfully creative. There’s some terrible things that they come up with that are possibilities that they could do to take care of him. I remember in Interview with the Vampire when Louis was bricked up in a coffin in a wall. There’s a lot of stuff that can be done.”

Check out the full interview here

The Originals begin in the US on October 3, but debuts in the UK on October 22

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