Published On: Thu, Jul 20th, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Showerhead

Choosing the right showerhead can make or break your shower experience. Types of showerheads were once a simple choice with little to no options, but the selection has grown vastly. This can make the decision process for choosing a new one intimidating or overwhelming if you don’t have all the information you need. Use this guide to choose the best showerhead for both appearance and functionality for your shower.

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Mount Types

The first step in selecting the right showerhead is deciding the type of mount you would like. There are four main types of wall mounts for showerheads: standard, top, sliding bar, and handheld. Be sure to consider your current plumbing and shower enclosure before choosing a different mount type than you currently have. This will determine how much work and money will need to go into the replacement.

Standard mount: This is the old, tested, and true wall mount. There are plenty of designs to make the standard wall mount fit any look you’re aiming for. These mounts can hold showerheads with a multitude of settings, one setting, or even an eco-friendly showerhead. Because this type is standard it is usually the most cost effective.

Top mount: A top mount showerhead can add a touch of luxury to your shower. The mounts either hang from the ceiling or are mounted directly into it. With this model the water falls down over you as opposed to coming down at an angle.

Handheld mount: a handheld mount is both stylish and functional. The showerhead can be moved where it’s needed to make bathing children or animals easier. It can also be helpful in rinsing off yourself or the shower enclosure as you can direct the water exactly where it’s wanted. Many handheld mounts are removable from their base, so you can have the best of standard and handheld mounts.

Sliding bar mount: A sliding bar mount might be best for your shower if there are people of different heights using it. The showerhead slides high and low to adjust perfectly to your height, ensuring each person gets the perfect shower experience.

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Model Types

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of wall mounts to choose from, it’s time to consider the different types of showerhead models. Some models work best with a certain wall mount, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Single-setting models: The single-setting model showerhead is usually the standard type. This showerhead cannot be adjusted. Like the standard mount, this type is usually the most cost effective choice.

Multi-setting models: A multi-setting showerhead allows you to change the pattern in which the water flows from the showerhead. With this model, you can choose from several settings like pulse, mist, or massage. The multi-setting models are perfect for adjusting the water flow to suit your mood.

Rain shower models: The rain shower model type is best used in top mounted showerheads. As the name suggests, this model emulates the feel of raindrops falling over you. High water pressure gives way to a relaxing and soothing spray pattern with this model.

Aerator models: If you’re looking to conserve water and energy, the aerator model is the best choice. They also produce less steam, which can reduce the risk of mold in your shower and bathroom. This model works by mixing air with the water as it sprays out of the showerhead creating a heavy mist.

Each type of showerhead has many different designs to bring style and beauty to your shower and bathroom. Whether you want a rainfall spa or an energy efficient shower experience, there is a showerhead mount and model to fit your needs.

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