Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to a Smooth Importation Experience

Importing goods is quite a challenging experience form any business people who engage in international trade. If you don’t do your homework thoroughly, you may fall victim of circumstance. Many people fall into traps of fraudulent companies and trade agencies.

Sometimes it is not the company that gives you the headache but the process itself. Some business people may end up losing their consignment or spending more than they actually bargained for. You need to focus on a number aspects when handling imports.

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Quality and safety of the product

It is a common narrative that most goods from Asian countries do not meet the quality standards required by the West. Sometimes the manufacturer has nothing to do with it. The trader may have failed to deliver the correct product specifications that the importer bargained for. It is therefore important to crosscheck and ensure that all requirements are met before casting the dye.

It is true that some companies produce substandard goods. The question is, how do you avoid falling into their trap? You can ask for a sample and check if it is exactly what you want. Using an import company saves you the trouble of personally checking the quality of products. If not possible, you can order just a few of their products instead of a large batch that may eventually disappoint you and leave you bankrupt.

Communication barriers

Not all countries speak the same language. It is very difficult if you are importing goods from a country that does not speak your language. Well, most companies that deal with international trade employ people who can speak various languages to help them with communication. Chinese companies, for example, ensure they have staff that can speak English and other languages so as to help them in communication with the clients. Poor communication can result in misunderstanding or delivery of goods that do not meet the required specifications.


Ideally, this stands as the most important part of international trade. Just like in personal relationships, trading partners must trust each other. In business, people are out to get money at all costs; some do it in a wrong way though. For example, you may send money to an overseas company and fail to get a delivery report or the product that you purchased. This is fraud!

To ensure that you do not fall prey, you can check online reviews of the company. Check if they have provided information on their location and contacts. If you get information that is conflicting each time you communicate with the company, don’t risk it; they may be fraudsters who have no company at all.

When making your payments, it is advisable that you avoid unsecure ways of payments such as Western Union. While most companies may want such modes of payment, be careful when dealing with them. If you fear losing your money, you can start out by paying a small amount and see if at all the company keeps its promises.

Sometimes it is better not to approach such companies as an individual. Instead, hire an import company to sort you out. Import companies ensure that whatever you have ordered reaches you in perfect condition. They jump the hurdles for you and you don’t risk making losses in the course of the transaction.

Author: Charlie Brown

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