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The Truth of Genesis: Yehovah Finally Reveals His Name!!

After Abram rescued Lot and his family, as discussed in the previous article, Lot was received as a hero in Sodom, since it was because of Lot that Abram defeated the enemies of the Cities of the Plain.  Lot was given a a house, and he didn’t have to herd flocks anymore. 

Woodcut for "Die Bibel in Bildern", 1860 by  Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Woodcut for “Die Bibel in Bildern”, 1860 by
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

His two older daughters married two men of the city.  But when God agreed to not destroy the city, if ten people were found to be righteous, only eight were found.  They were Lot, his wife, his two younger daughters at home, his two married daughters, and their husbands.

Sodom and the Cities of the Plain were destroyed in 2219 BC, and Isaac was born one year later. 

In Genesis 17: 19-21, God said that He will establish His covenant with Isaac, and his offspring. 

Isaac had twin sons (Esau & Jacob) in 2158.  Jacob went to Haran to find a wife in 2083 BC, and married both Leah & Rachel (sisters) in 2076 BC.  Leah gave birth to Reuben in 2075 BC, Simeon in mid-2074 BC, Levi (the 3rd son) in very early 2072 BC, and Judah (the 4th son) in very late 2072 BC.  While Leah was pregnant with Judah, Rachel gave her handmaid (Bilhah) to Jacob to give him another child, and Leah later gave her handmaid (Zilpah) to Jacob to compete with Rachel.  With these four women, Jacob had twelve sons, and one daughter (probably  more). 

The remaining family moved into Egypt in 2028 BC, and lived in comfort in the land of Goshen under Joseph for thirty years.  First, Jacob died in 2011 BC, and Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt (the Hyksos) just after 2000 BC.  Israel became enslaved in 1998 BC, and Joseph was made a political prisoner, when he was 70 years old.  Moses was born in 1678 BC to Jochebed, when she was 256 years old. 

Yes, that’s right, 256. 

There are certain “skeletons” that Moses did not want to right about, this being one of them.

Yehovah revealed His name to Moses (lineage of Levi), and he led Israel out of bondage in 1598 BC. 

Seven weeks later, on the first Pentecost day, Yehovah shouted down a portion of His commandments from Mt. Sinai, in NW Arabia.  He established His blood covenant with “the house of Jacob” which Israel broke less than two months later. 

In the King James’, at Exodus 20:3, it is not fully correct.  It should say, “Thou shall have no other gods IN MY FACE”. 

While Moses was gone for forty-seven days, Israel carved Egyptian gods (cows) on an altar (which can still be seen today), and made a golden calf.  That meant that either all of Israel or Yehovah

would have to die.  Since the covenant was only between those two parties, no third party could intervene.  The Mt. Sinai site can be found here: http://www.wyattmuseum.com/mt-sinai.htm

But still, the penalty of death would have to be paid.

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