Published On: Mon, Oct 12th, 2015

The Truth of Genesis:  The Evil and Ignorance of Gentile Christianity – Part 6 of 7

After the rapture, and during those 1,000 years of peace on Earth, the saints will be in Heaven, being judged by Yeshua, and given their rewards and assignments to other universes, to replace the archangels that chose to join Lucifer in his rebellion (“rulers over many”, Matt. 25:21). Those angels were overseers of those other creations that Yehovah had made before our universe was created (Jude 1:6), and will be judged by the saints (1 Corin. 6:3).

On Earth, there shall be 1,000 years of peace, and the children born during that time will live all through the thousand years. Gentiles, acknowledging that they have inherited lies, will seek out the Jews to learn from them the truth about Yehovah. But when the 1,000 years are over, Satan will be loosed for (a final) seven years to again corrupt the nations, and instigate a second battle of Armageddon.

At the end of the second set of seven years, Yeshua will return this time with His saints, and He will stand on the Mt. of Olives. Fire from His mouth will consume the armies attacking Israel. Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire, joining the anti-Christ and the false (Muslim?) prophet. The White Throne Judgment may begin on Yom Kippur, lasting for perhaps several years.

1627 Bible from Portugal opened to the Book of Revelation photo Biblioteca Central UFRGS Flickr via wikimedia commons

1627 Bible from Portugal opened to the Book of Revelation photo Biblioteca Central UFRGS Flickr via wikimedia commons

Then, at the beginning of the moadim of Tabernacles, the New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven, and Yeshua shall begin His eternal reign over all the Earth and universe, not just for 1,000 years.  There is no such thing as the “millennial reign of Christ”. Yeshua will reign on David’s throne forever, and it will never come to an end or be overthrown.

The birth of Protestantism, nearly 1100 years after the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, was a gentile attempt to return to the truth of the Bible. But salvation was still not attained, because they failed to leave the Catholic trinity doctrine and various occult practices behind, and continued to baptize using the three titles of Yeshua, and not His name.

I don’t know who was responsible, but the Hebrew gospel of Matthew chapter 28:19 was changed from “Go ye and invite all the people to believe in my name and to do my words” to “baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Therefore, Protestants never attained remission (Acts 4:12), and remained mired in sin. Case in point, Martin Luther’s hatred of the Jews.

Take notice that no mention of baptism was in the verse.  Therefore, when it was translated to Aramaic, then to Greek, someone changed it to fit their own agenda, probably by the Catholics to give credibility to their Trinitarian doctrine.

Also, observe how people jump to Matt 28:19, and ignore how the Apostles carried out the instructions of Yeshua, namely Acts 2:38, 8:16, 10:44-48, and 19:1-6.  Yeshua taught His Apostles, and His Apostles were trained to teach us.  

Gentiles think that they can bypass the Jewish Apostles and interpret the words of Yeshua themselves. The Apostles baptized using the name of Jesus (Yeshua), because it is the (only) name given to mankind to cleanse us from sins (Acts 4:12).

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- Herman Cummings is a computer data analyst, who used his training to analyze the written text of Genesis. On EasterSunday, in 1990, a lady stood up in Sunday School and asked the pastor “How can I teach my children about Adam & Eve, when all they are taught is evolution in school?”. The pastor could only say “Just believe the Bible”. That was of no help to the lady. So Herman Cummings began his research to resolve the issue, since the worlds of Creationism and Theology could not literally reconcile Genesis with scientific reality. After receiving the revelation of the first chapter from the Lord in December 1993, Herman Cummings became the world’s leading expert on the book of Genesis (Bereshit).

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