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The Truth of Genesis:  The Evil and Ignorance of Gentile Christianity – Part 5 of 7

When Yeshua’s blood dripped upon the West end of the Arc, along with the veil being ripped in the Temple, this gave all of mankind access to forgiveness of sins, and individual access to the throne of Yehovah.  This also opened the door to gentiles to be “grafted in,” so that they also may be part of the renewed covenant with Israel.

But salvation is of the Jews first, and the gentiles must follow along within the Hebrew parameters. Yeshua will reject all doctrines “made up” by gentiles. Case in point, Catholicism, Protestantism, and all others begun by gentiles. The (only) way of salvation is what the Apostles of Yeshua preached in the book of Acts. Doctrines of salvation derived from (a misunderstanding of) the epistles, especially by gentiles, are all in error.

Abraham meets Melchisedeck first priest in Bible

Abraham meets Melchisedech (Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco) 13th century, source: Basilica di San Marco, turistic book

Picking up from the previous chapter, the seventy week ministry of Yeshua was not yet completed, as was revealed to Daniel.  From the date that Yeshua was baptized (Sunday February 16, 27 AD), to the outpouring of the Holy Ghost (Sunday June 20, 28 AD), was 490 days or seventy weeks, not 3 ½ years as evil gentiles have taught.  That is another point of the (evil) false doctrines started by Catholicism (Eusebius of Caesarea).  Yeshua (Yehovah) fulfilled the four Spring moadim (appointed times) of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits while on Earth, and remained on Earth forty days after the First Fruits.

Ten days after Yehovah ascended back to Heaven in His new “Glorified” existence, He sent down His (Holy) “Ghost” upon the Temple Mount, with the Spirit making an audible sound.

Just as Yehovah was a consuming fire on top of Mt. Sinai, cloven tongues of fire sat on each of the 120 disciples in the “house of prayer” of the Temple.  Exactly as Israel was given a “new tongue” at Mt. Sinai, each of the 120 spoke in tongues upon the Temple Mount.  This completed the fourth moadim, which was called Pentecost.

Therefore, the roots of Christianity began in 2181 BC, when Abraham was about to kill Isaac as a sacrifice, at the same co-ordinates on Mt. Moriah that Yeshua would be crucified 2, 208 years later.  The “replacement” ram had its head caught in a thicket, and Yeshua had His head pierced with a crown of thorns.

In 1598 BC, with the Exodus from Egypt, the Passover lambs were chosen on the tenth day of the new month (and year, Exodus 12:2).  On the fourteenth day, the lambs were roasted in the afternoon, and their blood was put on the door posts, else the first born in the household would die.  After sundown that night, Israel ate unleavened bread (bread made in haste) and the lambs, as the death angel went throughout Egypt.  The First Fruits offering was delayed until Israel could possess the Promised Land.

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