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The Truth of Genesis: The Evil and Ignorance of Gentile Christianity – Part 2 of 7

In the sixth month of Elisabeth’s pregnancy, an arc-angel appears to Mary, announcing that she will shortly give birth to the Messiah.

This is Saturday, December 22nd of 4 BC, the last day of the Feast of Lights.

Since Mary knows that she won’t get married to (her fiancée) Joseph until the following April, she asks “How can this be, since I’m a virgin and won’t be married for months”?

This is when Gabriel reveals that the Spirit of Yehovah will quicken her womb, and the child shall be called “the Son of Elohim.”

As a sign that it shall come to past, Gabriel reveals that her (much) older cousin Elizabeth, who had been barren, is six months pregnant, and shall give birth to a son.

Mary soon departs with her entourage and travels (four days?) to the house of Zachariah and tells Elizabeth what Gabriel had told her.

It is at this time, December 29, 4 BC, that the baby in the womb of Elizabeth is given the Spirit of God, and Mary is impregnated.

Mary stays with Elizabeth to assist with the birth, which occurs on the 15th day of Nisan, the first day of the moadim of Unleavened Bread, which was March 31, 3 BC.

On the eighth day, April 7th, Mary accompanied Elizabeth for the circumcision of the baby boy.

photo/Jesus Christ Messiah Origins cover

photo/Jesus Christ Messiah Origins cover

The child is called “John” (actually, “Yochanan”, for there is no “J” in Hebrew).  It is then that Zachariah could again hear and speak, and confirmed the child’s name.

It is important to note that I said that Zacharias’ home was near Bethlehem.

Remember this, because it becomes important later.  If you read Luke 1:67–79, you will see the prophesy that Zacharias speaks about his son, Yochanan.  This was conveyed about in the area, which would later lead to the murder of Zacharias.

The next day, Zacharias gives his priestly garments to Mary to be used to wrap her coming child in (swaddling clothes), and she departs and returns to Nazareth (Natzeret), being three months pregnant.

After being told in a dream whose child it was, Joseph (the carpenter) goes through with the planned April wedding, with Mary “beginning to show.”  They became the victims of gossip.

About five and a half months later, a decree from Caesar Augustus stated that “all the world should be taxed”.  Joseph and Mary lived in Natzeret.

They both were of the lineage of King David, of which mostly had lived in the town of Bethlehem.  But because of political circumstances, many of the line of David had to move, and they settled in a town which was called “Natzeret”, which you may know in English, mistranslated as “Nazareth”.

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