Published On: Fri, Dec 6th, 2013

The Truth of Genesis: Both Evolution and the Trinity are False

In the beginning of our environment, 4.6 billion years ago (according to the scienceof geology), God created our universe, starting with the planet Earth.

Woodcut for "Die Bibel in Bildern", 1860 by  Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Woodcut for “Die Bibel in Bildern”, 1860 by
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

The book of Genesis does not tell us “when” this occurred.

Therefore we have to rely on the analysis of the geologist.

Those that deny scientific reality (such as Ken Ham and followers of “young Earth” Creationism) foolishly ignore the evidence and history of prehistoric mankind, dating as far back as 55 million years ago.  Those that deny the literal truth of Genesis (such as Dr. Hugh Ross and followers of all current “old Earth” Creationism) try to make excuses for the text, displaying their ignorance of the scriptures.

When God (Yehovah) assigned the angel Lucifer as overseer of this universe (Earth),the following day after Creation Week, this world was a paradise.  The Moon was a smooth, craterless world.  Mars had flowing water and vegetation.  The fifth planetwas a transitional celestial body of part gas and part solid surface, but became theAsteroid Belt after Lucifer lost the Extra-Celestial Civil War, in 245 Million BC.

According to the correct reading of Genesis chapter one, mankind and supporting life forms have come and gone from the face of the Earth at least five times, as evidencedby the geologic and fossil records of Earth.  When Lucifer beguiled Eve, and Evethen persuaded Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit, Yehovah had given Lucifer enough rope to hang himself, opening the door for the rescinding of his assignment as ruler of this universe.

God had made many, many others before ours was created.

As a quick history of modern mankind, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden in 4267 BC.  Cain had married his younger sister (instead of his older sister as Abelhad done), and later murdered Abel in 4138 BC.  Enoch was taken up to Heaven in3280 BC, and will return to Earth and be one of the two witnesses which will testifyagainst the anti-Christ in Jerusalem.  The flood of Noah was in 2611 BC, the divisionof languages and land masses of Earth were in 2509 BC, and the calling of Abram (Abraham)  was in 2243 BC, when he was 75 years old.

Isaac was born in 2218 BC, one year after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.Jacob was born in 2158, and married Leah and Rachel in 2075 BC.  Both Levi andJudah were born in 2072 BC, Joseph in 2068 BC, and Israel as a family moved toEgypt in 2028 BC.


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- Herman Cummings is a computer data analyst, who used his training to analyze the written text of Genesis. On EasterSunday, in 1990, a lady stood up in Sunday School and asked the pastor “How can I teach my children about Adam & Eve, when all they are taught is evolution in school?”. The pastor could only say “Just believe the Bible”. That was of no help to the lady. So Herman Cummings began his research to resolve the issue, since the worlds of Creationism and Theology could not literally reconcile Genesis with scientific reality. After receiving the revelation of the first chapter from the Lord in December 1993, Herman Cummings became the world’s leading expert on the book of Genesis (Bereshit).

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