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The Truth of Genesis: A Warning To Mankind – Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 was the ninth comet, whose orbital period is 200 years or

less, that was discovered by astronomers Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker (husband &

wife), and their teammate David Levy. Their discovery was made on the night of March

24, 1993.  When observing the comet on later nights, which appeared as “a string of 20+

pearls,” it was determined that the fragmented comet was orbiting the planet Jupiter.


Never before had any comet been seen orbiting anything other than the Sun, and then

leaving the Solar System.


What the world of science hid from the public is that this

was the only comet ever known to make course corrections, as it orbited Jupiter on

a two year cycle.  That means that with Jupiter’s eleven Earth year orbit around the Sun,

Jupiter would travel more than 500,000,000 miles during those two years, to a different

location each time, and the comet would find it.  It would circle across the orbital path

of Jupiter, lag behind Jupiter for a year to a distance of more than 32,000,000 miles, and

spend the second year locating and catching up to Jupiter again.


The Fourth Day was the only day of Creation Week which was shown to Moses.  Moses

wrote the following: “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to

divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days,

and years:”.


Although the King James’ Version says “and for seasons”, that is not what

Moses wrote.  He actually wrote “for appointed times”, as in the use of a calendar.  The

renewed (lower crescent) Moon is the indication of a new month, as sighted in Jerusalem.

The barley crop being ripe to a certain point (Aviv, or Abib) at the time of the crescent

Moon, indicates a new year, being the month (Nisan) that Passover, Feast of Unleavened

Bread, and the First Fruits (the Resurrection) wave offering takes place.


What good is a sign, if it can’t be seen?


God said that the celestial bodies of the universe,

as seen from Earth, would be for signs (for mankind to see and act upon).  My favorite

celestial indication of a Creator, has been the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet. As I understand,

there were 24 fragments nearly in a straight line when it was discovered.  Three were lost

tract of, as only 21 fragments were said to have hit Jupiter.  This was not a random event.

I am confident that God was giving a forewarning to mankind, that “an appointed time”

was approaching.

A NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, taken on May 17, 1994

A NASA Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, taken on May 17, 1994


When the Lord Jesus (Yeshua, the Messiah) was born, there was a sign given in the heavens

about nineteen days earlier, on the Day of Trumpets…, the first day of the (7th) month of

Tishri.  This is what the “wise men” from Babylon saw to let them know that the new “King

of the Jews” was going to be born.  It involved the constellation Bethulah (Virgo), the Lion

(Leo), and the conjunction of the planets Jupiter, Venus, with the king star Regulus, and a

roaming second star, which was only seen near the time of the birth of Jesus.


For more than four billion years, Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 had been orbiting Jupiter, which

went undetected by modern mankind, until March of 1993.  God waited until mankind had

satellites in place in that area of space so that this “sign” would be seen.  Yet it’s interpretation

is not yet certain, but I’m going to make a guess.  I will assume that there were 21 impacts,

24 fragments in all, covering a period of seven days.


I don’t know the significance of the missing three fragments, so I’ll ignore them.  However,

with 21 impacts, I take that to mean 21 years in the future, counting from the day of the first

impact upon Jupiter.  The duration was seven days.  That could mean that whatever event it

is that comes to past, that it would last seven days or seven years, starting 21 years from the

Hebrew (Biblical) date of the first impact.  The Gregorian date was July 16, 1994, but the

Hebrew date was the 7th day of the fifth month, which was the month of Av.  The last impact

was the 14th day of Av, and the 22nd of July.  Twenty-one impacts, covering seven days.


As I look over the analysis of the event, I believe that only 20 impacts were actually seen.  So

I am saying that we may be looking at 20 years from 1994, instead of 21 years.  If so, I’m

saying that a major event will occur, over a duration of seven days or seven years, starting

on July 16 2014, or July 17 of 2015 if twenty-one impacts, pending on the barley crop in

Jerusalem.  Remember, if the barley is not ripe enough at the first sliver of the renewed Moon

in March, another 29 days will be added to the Hebrew calendar as a 13th month.  We won’t

know the date until the month of Nisan begins.


Now, what would God be warning mankind about?  I believe that it would probably be the

commencement of the End of Days, after which, would usher in the beginning of the final

millennium. If the warning was for a seven day event, I would expect it to be something that

would be seen or happen throughout our Solar System, such as a solar flare or approaching

celestial body.  However, if it was a warning of a coming seven year event, I would expect

it to be the activity of the anti-Christ, followed by the appearance of Enoch and Elijah in



In closing, I give a grim warning.  Those of you that have been taught that the rapture of

the saints will take place before or in the middle of the “tribulation” have been listening to

false doctrine.  There is no “pre-trib” rapture of any kind.  The rapture will not occur until

after the army of the anti-Christ is diced to pieces by swords coming out of the mouth of

Jesus, and that man of sin is cast into the Lake of Fire, along with the false prophet, as

written in Revelation 19:20.

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- Herman Cummings is a computer data analyst, who used his training to analyze the written text of Genesis. On EasterSunday, in 1990, a lady stood up in Sunday School and asked the pastor “How can I teach my children about Adam & Eve, when all they are taught is evolution in school?”. The pastor could only say “Just believe the Bible”. That was of no help to the lady. So Herman Cummings began his research to resolve the issue, since the worlds of Creationism and Theology could not literally reconcile Genesis with scientific reality. After receiving the revelation of the first chapter from the Lord in December 1993, Herman Cummings became the world’s leading expert on the book of Genesis (Bereshit).

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