Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

The Top Four Essential Tips To Beginning Big Game Hunting

If you have not explored the world of big game hunting, but you are interested in engaging in big game hunting, it is important that you take note of several basic hunting principles.  Hunting is a challenging yet very exciting pastime that, unfortunately, not all individuals will master.  To the novice hunter, the act of hunting can represent a great challenge and can be highly frustrating if no catch is made after several attempts.  This article will provide information regarding top tips on how to make big game hunting trips more productive.

  • Hunt Only A Single Type Of Animal At One Time

The first tip to effective big game hunting is to focus your attention on a single animal.  If you have several game opportunities in the area, such as mule deer, bears or pigs, it is best to choose one species and focus on this game exclusively.  Novice hunters often make the error of choosing a rifle and cartridge for one animal (let us say a mule deer) and then packing another rifle with the chance of seeing another animal.  This could be useful for an experienced hunter who is able to switch equipment with ease during a hunt, but new hunters need to focus on the species before learning how to alternate between rifles.

When learning how to hunt a particular type of animal exclusively, it is vital that you learn all about the animal including eating habits, mating habits, the state of their natural environment.  The predators of the species must be studied; as well as where the species is most likely found.  For example, if you choose to go mule deer hunting, then it is best you focus on the mule deer rather than attempt to hunt a few ducks along the way.  


  • Stick To A Small Area In The Beginning

The majority of new hunters often make the mistake of trying to cover too much ground when searching for the animal being hunted and, as such, will neglect the toll it takes on their bodies.  While it is true that certain animals, such as bears, are few in number regarding each square mile; it is recommended that the beginner hunter hone her or his hunting skills on game that is abundant.

Hiking over long areas with heavy equipment can be difficult and most people are not used to the weight of gear, which can result in injuries, dehydration and disorientation.  To avoid these challenges, it is recommended that you consider a stationary hunt for your first big game hunting experience instead of actively stalking animals.  This is done by setting up trees and waiting for animals to pass.  Here you can learn noise discipline and how to sort the game that passes across a trail so you can tailor future hunting excursions.

  • Using A Game Reservation Hunt For The First Hunting Experience

Private hunting grounds and game reservations are highly beneficial alternatives for new hunters when compared to hunting big game in the wild.  The advantage is that you are sure to find game regardless of your level of hunting experience.  By taking the certainty of game out of the equation and using a hunting guide, you can obtain valuable experience on the hunting techniques including animal target and focus.

When choosing a game reservation, it is recommended that you find a reservation that has good guides and offers a sportsmanlike environment.  It does not good to hunt animals in a pen – you will not learn anything in the hunting experience.  Having said that, if you can travel a mile from base camp and sight your first animal within an hour of beginning then you are ahead of spending all days outdoors without viewing any game.

  • Review The Basic Principles Of Hunting

The basic principles of hunting are those relating to the behavior of an animal in its natural environmental setting.  This means that the animal has a need for water to drink; therefore the setting presents with waterholes.  Due to the waterholes being utilized by more than a single species and potentially predators, the animals generally do not eat or sleep by the waterholes.  Instead, the game will choose to eat in a safe environment and sleep away from areas with activity.

Moving from the watering holes to food and then to the bed location, the animal will create ‘game trails’.  The game trail involves clearings in the bush which animals follow, similar to our freeways.  It is important to keep in mind that some animals are nocturnal and operate during the night, but others operate during the day; however, there are those that are diurnal meaning they operate over night and day.  Hunting is the art of finding these animals, regardless of the time of operation, engaging the animal and then firing at them.  However, you cannot find them if you do not know where to look. A trail camera can make all of this a lot easier and allow you to spot animals with more ease – here are the best trail cameras for hunting.

The final principle of hunting is to review hunting shooting positions.  Effective hunting requires the hunter to teach him or herself to shoot from positions other than standing and hidden behind cover.  It is highly recommended that you practice stalking game as much as possible through the bush and remain aware of the wind direction.  The majority of animals will smell you and unless you are silent keeping in the correct direction of the wind, they will flee before you can get them into sight.

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photo Brandon Jones

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