Published On: Tue, Dec 12th, 2017

The Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Attend Sydney Dance Classes

Dancing is an activity that ends up being thrust upon people at several points their lives, and not everyone feels like they know how. Whether it is at a wedding with relatives or just a nightclub with friends, social gatherings often encourage participants to hit the dancefloor.

While getting up and being seen grooving dancing by others may not be an issue for some, learning some more technical skills will set them apart from the crowd and prepare them for more formal events. For those not confident at all with dancing, or even just being the focus of large groups, dance lessons are an incredible way to break through their fears and gain valuable confidence.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, “Grace” (Credit Paul Kolnik, courtesy of Fathom Events)

Whether they are a naturally skilled dancer or someone who’s incredibly shy, there are plenty of good reasons for anyone to learn from Sydney dance classes:

Reason #1 – It’s a load of fun
People often do not realise how much fun they could be having simply by moving their body to some music. As one of the most ancient human activities, there’s a good reason why everyone seems to enjoy busting a move.

While anyone can jump around to a beat, learning a new style of dance is itself an extremely enjoyable exercise. Learning new dance routines exposes people to different types of music and may help them enjoy something they hadn’t previously had a taste for.

Reason #2 – It’s a healthy exercise
Not only is having fun important, but taking care of the body too. In the modern lifestyle of convenience, people sacrifice much of the physical activity older generations were forced to undergo.

Regular classes help keep the body healthy as it will activate nearly every muscle group, giving participants a well-rounded workout. Not only will people start to look better, but they’ll feel incredible knowing that they’re both exercising and learning a brand new skill at the same time.

Reason #3 – It builds confidence
For people who have ever sat on the sidelines of the dancefloor, immobilised by fear of embarrassment, they will definitely benefit from Sydney dance classes. Learning some concrete dancing techniques often helps reassure people that they’re doing it right and makes them feel far more secure in front of others.

This confidence will impress others who haven’t taken the time to learn to dance at that level, giving students an edge at social events.

This increase in confidence is not only limited to dancing alone, but in all walks of life. These classes teach people how to put themselves in the spotlight and not let the scrutiny of others stop them from pursuing the things they want.

Reason #4 – Reliving stress
Dancing is also a great exercise for stress relief. When people dance their mind is taken away from worrying about the things they can’t control and allows them to focus on the present moment.

Getting into a healthy headspace is just as important as staying fit and dancing allows everyone to express themselves in ways that they couldn’t otherwise. For example, if someone is feeling angry they can take it out on the dancefloor. Dancers can exert all manner of feelings through the moves they perform and do so in a safe and accepting environment.

Reason #5 – Meeting new people
One of the best ways individuals can make lasting friends is to share a common interest with them. When someone attends classes they’ll be surrounded by people who are there for the same reasons they are and can interact with them in a meaningful way.

The friendships made by dancers are powerful as they require trust in dancing together and supporting each other as they learn. Students soon learn to value the opinions of their fellow dancers and expertise of their teachers, all helping them to become better.

For people looking to learn a new skill whilst enjoying a variety of tangible benefits, Sydney dance classes are one of the best uses of their free time. Even if someone is just looking for an excuse to make friends, dance lessons are an incredibly open and welcoming place for them to socialise. Besides, they could even discover a new career in dancing.

Author: Colin Steinway

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