Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

The Top 5 Myths About Hair Loss Busted!

If you have hair, chances are that you will lose some of it on a regular basis and while a little hair loss is considered normal, it is only if you are losing chunks of hair every day, that you need to be worried. Hair specialists say that losing about 100 hair a day is normal, but if you are starting to see bald patches, then you might have a lot to lose sleep over.

Talk to anyone and they will have a number of things they will tell you, that lead to hair loss, but the fact of the matter remains that most of these are nothing more than myths.

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Here are the top 5 myths related to hair loss:

  1. MythHair loss is something you inherit from your mother’s side

Fact – A baby is born when the X chromosome of a woman merges with another X or Y chromosome of a man. This means that since the very existence of a human being is dependent on genes from two people, there is no way that only one parent would be responsible for hair loss. While loss of hair can be because of genetic reasons, there is no proof that it is only because of the genes of the mother. Let’s say that there is no history of hair loss on your mother’s side, but there has been a long line of shiny bald heads on your father’s side, chances are that you too are at risk for hair loss. Research has shown that hair loss can often be attributed to the interaction between several genes, which could have been inherited from either parent. And if you think because your mother had really thick hair, you as her daughter are safe; well there is no guarantee for the same, because hair loss can affect both men as well as women. If you are starting to see massive hair loss or hair loss that has started becoming profound over a period of time, then it would be wise to see a hair specialist, as soon as possible.

2. MythWearing baseball caps regularly is sure to make you go bald!

Fact – If you are someone who has an entire collection of baseball caps, there is absolutely no reason why you should stop wearing your caps, simply because someone told you that you might lose your hair because of it. There are those who are of the opinion that wearing caps all the time could lead to your hair feeling suffocated, but this too is nothing more than a misconception. The only time your cap could lead to hair loss is if the cap you are wearing is too tight. When you tie your hair extremely tight or wear head accessories that increase the pressure on your head, it could lead to traction alopecia. However, the hair loss caused by traction alopecia is not permanent and the moment you give up the tight hairstyle or accessories, your hair will start to grow back!

3. Myth You can get hair treatments and your hair will only improve over time.

Fact – The ultimate truth is that no matter how expensive a hair treatment you get, no matter how reputed the salon you choose to go to is, at the end of the day, you are using chemicals on your hair, and in the long run, no chemicals will give you great looking hair. While immediately after the treatment your hair might look really nice, over time it will start losing its lustre and soon you might notice that you are losing a lot more hair than you expected. Same is the case with heat treatments – you can curl or straighten your hair, and it is bound to look great for a while, but soon the heat will start to take its toll and you will notice that you are losing hair. Whether you want deep conditioning or smoother hair, there are natural alternatives that you can consider, which are definitely better for hair health.

4. Myth You can prevent hair loss

Fact – If you are genetically marked for hair loss, you will have hair loss, no matter what you do. There could be ways by which you could slightly control the amount of hair you are losing or you could slow down the rate of hair loss, but if you are bound to have a bald patch, you will have it, later, if not sooner! However, if you have had hair loss, there are methods by which you can regain your hair, such as hair restoration and transplant.

5. Myth – Hair restoration will never look normal or natural

Fact – If the procedure has not been done by an experienced professional, there is all the possibility in the world that your restored hair will not look natural. When you go to someone who is experienced and qualified enough, you will have hair that could look better than your natural hair. An experienced hair professional, will design your hairline with care and the hair restoration procedure will be done in such a manner that it will not only be permanent, but also extremely stylish!

Author: Dr Aman Dua

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  1. Siva venkata says:

    Great!! Nicely described some top myths regarding hair loss. It is necessary to sum up all the positive & negative impacts of any hair loss treatment.

  2. Srinivasan says:

    Before Going to underwent hair transplantation surgery. its necessary to consider all pros & cons of surgery. A professional hair transplant surgeon must be chosen for surgery.

  3. Virk says:

    a professional surgeon takes the pros and cons of a hair treatment surgery by detailing on everything to the patient. Only problem arises when a surgeon doesnt discloses the facts

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