Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2022

The Rise Of South Korea’s Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a fast-growing sector of the global economy that every country is interested in. For example, nearly two million people visited South Korea for medical reasons in the last five years. Hundreds of thousands have seen the Asian nation for medical intervention this year. Why is medical tourism booming in the country? This article explores six core reasons South Korea is fast becoming one of the top destinations for medical treatment.

Government Investment

The government has increased its investment in the county’s medical sector in the last decade. Through policies, financial interventions, and collaborations, the government has steadily built a medical industry that provides adequate medical care to citizens and foreigners. The country has advanced medical equipment and can count on the government’s support for upgrades. The government has also invested in human resources to ensure that only the best professionals work in the country.

High Doctor/Population Ratio

South Korea currently ranks in the world’s top ten countries with the best doctor/population ratio. This ratio is a significant indicator of the country’s quality healthcare system. Considering that South Korea also has some of the finest specialists in the world, patients are all but guaranteed the best possible medical care. 

Affordable Medical Care

The financial implication is an essential consideration for foreigners traveling for medical intervention. Most medical tourists come to the country because of affordable medical care. A combination of government policies and medical investments ensures that the healthcare expenditure is kept low and patients can enjoy affordable treatments.

Low Waiting Period

Time is crucial to medical treatments. Most medical procedures are best performed on time, and that’s why many people prefer South Korea. There’s a generally low waiting time for consultations and treatment. Medical tourists can book appointments on short notice and still receive attention without undue delay. The benefits include having enough time for recovery and less time spent in the country.

Adequate Post-Medical Care

Post-medical care is essential to full recovery. South Korea’s medical services include adequate post-medical care and regular follow-up. Medical tourists are given excellent care services to ensure that they recover fully. The country is host to numerous leisurely attractions that encourages relaxation and recovery.

Affordable Living Conditions

Another aspect of finance is the living costs of the host country. Many other countries with affordable medical care have high living costs. But South Korea is known for its reasonable living costs. Visitors can arrange for cost-effective accommodation before arrival.

Author: Deborah Belford

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