Published On: Sat, Aug 8th, 2015

The Right Buying Guide For Your Cat’s Litter Box

photo Alyson Jones

photo Alyson Jones

One of the best things of owning a cat is that they require a lot less cleaning and maintaining as compared to other pets. Yes, cats do like to keep themselves very neat and clean and that is why they are always cute. The cleanliness and hygiene comes from every aspect including the litter box.

The one thing that comes together with a cat is a litter box. It is very important if you live in cities where you don’t have ideal places for them to do their business. They usually stay indoors and therefore, you do require a litter box inside your home.

How To Look For The One?

The first thing is to decide the type of litter box your cat desires. The size matters and so does the number of cats in your home. There are various types depending upon the shape and style.

  • There are covered ones, open-types, self-cleaning ones, hidden ones and also sifting type litter boxes.
  • The size matters the most and there are basically four sizes in the market, that is, small, medium, large and extra-large. The medium one fits well for most of the cats and the extra-large one is for multiple cats.

Where To Put It?

The next thing the pet owners must think about is the location of this box. The things you need to take care is traffic, as in, the quiet but not so quiet corner of the house. It not just saves everyone from bad unwanted odors, but also offers your pet some privacy. Cats do desire some privacy when doing their task. You must see that the location must not be a completely secluded place like basement or rooftop because it might make the cat feel insecure and nervous and you certainly don’t want it to stop using it and find somewhere else to litter.


The third thing is to take care of the proper maintenance of the litterbox. You must scoop out the solid wastes every once in a while and not whenever you feel the best. Sometimes even once a day might not be sufficient for your pet and she might start to feel that this place is not clean enough and stop using it. Use self-cleaning ones that scoop out the substance themselves after automatically sensing that the cat is finished with it and does not get disturbed.

  • There are many models in the market that are connected to the water faucet so that it can wash and clean it after the cat is gone. They use special infrared and pressure sensors to identify its presence and absence.

There are some other tips like not trying to fit it into a small space, using ample box size for the number of cats. There are many varieties of pellets, clay, soil used as litter available in the market. Gradually try to find out the one that suits your cat the best. Do not make changes in either box or litter suddenly.

Guest Author: Arya Mullen


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