The Puzzle of Socialism in America

Unlike the Conservative talking heads like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved, I love to call the socialists out by their name. I’ve been ridiculed for my blatant use of the term to describe President Obama, especially his economic platform, most of his cabinet and those “Leftists”, “Liberals”, “Left Leaning Democrats” — or whatever soft edged adjective these spineless Republicans want to use.

This Newsweek cover caused a stir over socialism, but the new rhetoric may be even scarier

They are Socialists and they are everywhere. In fact, I felt it was important to direct you to a few, so see that if it sounds like a socialist, votes like a socialists, talks more like a socialist, then maybe, just maybe, they’re socialists.

Let’s start with the “Bald Socialist” – Jed Brandt

“We have to help bring this government down. We have to help destroy this system and that requires increasing the alienation that working class and oppressed people feel. The way change is going to happen in this country is through the destruction of what we call the United States of America.”

The Voting Female Blog has everything on Brandt here

Jed Brandt was so intense at the Brecht Forum which states this “About” themselves:

The BRECHT FORUM is a place for people who are working for social justice, equality and a new culture that puts human needs first. Through its programs and events, the Brecht Forum brings people together across social and cultural boundaries and artistic and academic disciplines to promote critical analysis, creative thinking, collaborative projects and networking in an independent community-level environment.

This organization, the Brecht Forum, received $399,000 from the Stimulus Bill.

Then there’s Detroit and this video:

“FIST Youth” – Fight Imperialism Stand Together –FIST

* What we believe in is we believe in a free university degree.
* You need to secure us a job in the middle class…
* Another socialist value is human right, we believe in the human
* we believe that it is a human right to a job that will secure us a place in the middle class.
* There’s a lot of misinformation out there about socialism and anarchism and different, you know, “-isms” or ideologies.
* We also believe that there is a food right. We believe in — we believe that people have a right to food.
* We believe that there’s a food right. We believe that there is a housing right.
* Let me tell you something about the word “soviet.” The word “soviet” from the Soviet Union means workers’ council. It’s a worker’s union. This was a nation of workers’ unions and that’s how everybody voted on every issue in the society.

Many of the conservatives may rail on this kid, make fun or him, but I’m grateful for the “Bald Socialist” and FIST YOUTH – they are telling us the truth.

Let me conclude with the puzzle pieces:

ACORN, Rev. Wright, SEIU, Van Jones, Ron Bloom “We kinda agree with Mao”, Anita Dunn (Maoist), Frank Marshall Davis (Communist USA – Obama’s childhood mentor), Bill Ayers, Apollo Alliance (wrote the Stimulus Bill), Jeff Jones (Apollo Aliiance & Weather Under ground), FIST YOUTH, Brecht Forum, National Endowment of the Arts making Propaganda, ownership of Citigroup, Andy Stern, Joe the Plumber, bows to the Saudi King, control of GM & Chrysler, bowing to the Emperor of Japan, control of AIG (largest Insurer), CCI sister company of SEIU, trillion dollar bills, Organizing for America, Van Jones…

whew…how many pieces do we need to put the puzzle together?

America, we are in serious, serious trouble.

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