Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2018

The Process to File a Claim After an Accident

Imagine that you are driving along the road, listening to your favorite song on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon then all of a sudden, BOOM!

Without warning, another vehicle collides with you.

An accident is something that no one plans on. If you find yourself in an accident below are tips on what NOT to do after the accident and the steps to file a claim.

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First and foremost after an accident do NOT:


  • Move any injured persons. The person can have serious injuries that if moved improperly, they can suffer from permanent damage.
  • Apologize for the crash as that implies guilt on your behalf.
  • Tell anyone the amount of insurance coverage you have. You let their insurance company contact your insurance company to hash out all the details.
  • Take any money from them. If you do, you lose your right to file a claim at a later date.
  • Decide to forget about the mishap. The other person may file a lawsuit against you at a later date without having anything in writing to provide proof of your verbal agreement.


Filing a Claim


  • Get into contact with your insurance agent asap. Contact them immediately even if you’re far from home and even if someone else caused the accident. Ask your insurance agent how to go about the crash and what exactly is needed to move forward. You need to be sure the paperwork for your claim is situated as well.
  • As the insurance consumer, you are allowed free choice when selecting an auto body repair shop to fix your car.
  • Hire an auto body shop or independent mechanic that guarantees to specific timelines on your car repairs. Your insurance policy may have certain limitations or deductibles, so find out settlement amounts before you sign off on any repair costs before you are stuck footing the bill. If you don’t where to start on how to get your car fixed, most insurance companies will give you a list of repair shops that are backed by repair and labor guarantees.
  • Supply the information your insurer needs. Be sure to keep your cool and do what your insurance company says in hopes to aid in their investigation. Your insurance company will also represent you if the other party sues you for the accident.
  • Keep records of your expenses. Expenses you incur as a result of an automobile accident may be reimbursed under your policy. For example, if you have to rent a vehicle, pay any medical expenses or have lost wages.
  • Keep copies of your paperwork and store copies of all paperwork in your own files. You may need to refer to them later and they are there to provide proof.

Your situation may be a more serious accident than just a minor fender bender. If any time you have any questions or concerns contact Skikos Attorneys at Law, especially if the injuries involved are more substantial. Always remember to follow the above steps so that you have the best possible outcome.

Author: Sheikh Hazaifa

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