Published On: Mon, Mar 20th, 2017

The Number Of Injuries And Accidents At Work Is On The Rise

Working is a necessity for all of us and any situation that affects our working capability can lead to huge long term problems. Statistics highlight the fact that all workplaces now become safer. We are faced with lower workplace injury numbers. However, this does not mean that the injuries do not happen. Accidents can always happen. You want to be aware of the different accidents and injuries you may be faced with so that you can be safer on the long run.

Workplace Injury Causes

Work injuries can happen due to many different reasons. The most common ones are harmful substances exposure, musculoskeletal disorders, stress and excessive noise.

Workplace Hazards Exposure

What you do at work may put you in contact with some substances that would adversely affect health. There are also substances that can worsen pre-existing allergies, although the most common scenario in this case is to have substances that would cause brand new reactions. Substances can react with skin or can be taken in through breathing.

photo David Peña via pixabay

Occupational asthma appears when your airways are irritated because of substance exposure. Manufactured chemicals are often met but organic materials can also lead to this. The result is usually chest tightening, breathlessness and coughs. Occupational dermatitis will appear when substances you come into contact with at work irritate skin. The result is normally skin blisters, rashes and itching.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

This includes many different joint and muscle problems, including ULDs (upper limb disorders) and back pain as the 2 most common. Back pain stands out as the most common reason for sickness absence at the moment. Most people think it is connected with jobs that are labor intensive but that is not actually the case. Even an office based role that has an employee sit for way too long can be problematic. ULDs include tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome as common happenings.

Noise – Work-Related

When your body is exposed to noise levels that are excessive you can end up with permanent or temporary hearing loss. Tinnitus is the condition that normally appears. It will cause a constant ears ringing. You want to always minimize excessive noise exposure so that hearing problems would not appear.

Stress – Work-Related

If stress is too high at work you can end up with a decision making level that is impaired or concentration that is drastically reduced. That is important since you can end up with work accidents that are caused by you not being attentive.

Help Yourself

The work you do can be dangerous but in ways you did not initially envision. It is really important that you respect all the indications that are offered. There are sometimes courses run that are aimed to prevent workplace illness and injury. This includes safety drills, health safety courses, fire awareness courses, display screen equipment modifications and so much more. If training is needed or if training helps you to reduce the possibility of being injured at work, it is imperative that you will go through the courses.

Author: Lolita Di

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