Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

The New Face of Automation: Technology Isn’t Just Taking Manufacturing Jobs

Technology is advancing quickly. In just a few short decades, we’ve advanced from simplistic computer systems to highly complex systems that can make our lives easier. Unfortunately, that same technology isn’t making everyone’s lives easier, and more and more people are being affected in both positive and negative ways.

And, the people being affected by automation aren’t necessarily the people you think.

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1. How Automation Has Made Our Lives Easier

There’s no doubt that machine automation and automation software have made our lives easier, and they have made living more affordable too. Manufacturing is one example of how automation has enhanced our lives.

From clothes to cars, kid’s toys to tools, almost everything we interact with on a daily basis has been created by a machine. The manufacturing process is quick, requires fewer hands, and makes items more affordable.

Today, there’s a new automation challenge. Not only are the machines making items, but technology can actually direct the equipment as well, which is eliminating many of the manufacturing jobs that have traditionally been a way for Americans to enter a comfortable middle-class lifestyle.

The solution over the last few years has been an education that leads to white collar jobs instead of blue collar jobs, but that’s all about to change too.

2. How Automation Will Affect the Future

Automation is an unstoppable force that has the potential to make our lives better, but not before it makes some of our lives a whole lot worse. What has been affecting manufacturing professionals for years is about to affect many of us in ways that we could never have imagined.

A few jobs that are in danger of being replaced by automation include:


  • Lawyers: Legal automation means dealing with fewer lawyers, but it will leave junior attorneys without a job.
  • Construction workers: With 3D printing and automatic masons, homes can be built more efficiently and affordably than ever, at the expense of positions that require skilled tradesmen.
  • Farmers: With machines that can tend to plants without human intervention, affordable food will be in abundance, but real life farmers will not.


  • Journalists: AI doesn’t have a problem with writing content of all kinds, which could make human writers obsolete.

3. Lifelong Education Is the Key

Surprised at the types of jobs that won’t be around in the near future? Wondering what can be done to ensure you’re protected against these changes? A revolution is already underway.

It’s all about lifelong education that focuses on creative problem solving. According to Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani, “We have to do something and make our education system far more innovative and creativity-based because in the future, a lot of jobs that exist today will not exist. A lot of new jobs will get created.”

What can you do that a robot can’t do? Understanding the skills you possess that make you invaluable is the best way to make sure that automated technology doesn’t take your job, no matter what industry you’re in.

Author: Carmelo Hannity


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