Published On: Tue, Feb 22nd, 2022

The New Age of Private Flights

Why Fly Private? 

There are many stereotypes surrounding private jets. Most of the time people think of eccentric millionaires and billionaires who use it as a status symbol. In reality, there are many benefits to flying private above just wanting to be seen as powerful. 


Private jets provide a much safer alternative to conventional travel. First, they vastly reduce the passenger’s risk of exposure to Covid-19 and the Delta Variantand that serves as a great reason to hire a private jet.

Airports and commercial flights have been notorious for spreading infection, after all, you are trapped in an aluminum tube with 100 other people for a few hours. 

Second, it eliminates security risks. When you fly private that means only people you trust are on board so you can feel safe and comfortable the whole Flight. 


Flying private is becoming increasingly affordable every year. Private flight prices have been reduced by 30%-50% in recent years. They are starting to close the gap on first-class or business-class seats on commercial flights. Secondly, you no longer have to own a private jet to fly private. 

Charter companies, fractional jet ownership, and jet card memberships allow travelers to fly privately on-demand without the astronomical purchase price and upkeep costs of their own personal jet. Fast Private Jet is a charter company that even allows you to charter a private flight using cryptocurrency, but more on that later!


Commercial fliers spend an average of 90 minutes at the airport for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights. Private jet travel removes the excessive amount of time wasted by waiting in lines. 

Flying private allows passengers to arrive 15 minutes before departure and skip those pesky security and boarding lines. Business moguls and executives are extremely busy and those wasted hours can mean money slipping through the cracks. 


Private travel offers unmatched privacy, hence the name. Making it the preferred mode of travel for celebrities, athletes, government figures, and other prominent personalities. Private flights board from a separate terminal than commercial flights. Influential people appreciate this because it allows them to have confidential conversations in confidence, something that would not be possible even in first-class of a commercial flight. 

Comfort and Amenities 

Private jets feature outstanding amenities that are often far more luxurious than commercial airlines’ first-class suites. From spacious cabin space and plush leather seats to a master bedroom and en-suite shower, private jets offer the finest in air travel for an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight. 

Private flights also offer far superior catering options compared to commercial flights. The extra space due to fewer passengers allows for a much more efficient kitchen and bar that can be tailored to your wishes. 

Benefits of Crypto

Cryptocurrency is being called the currency of the future by experts of the finance industry. Just like flying private, cryptocurrency can appear like a boast or power play but it too, has its benefits. 

Conversion Rates

If your country’s currency is not the American dollar, chartering private flights can be an extensive and difficult process due to converting the currency for payment. Crypto eliminates this step as it is one uniform currency no matter where you are in the world. 

This means you will not have to use your valuable time to do confusing conversion calculations. This also eliminates the currency lost during conversion. Oftentimes there are fees associated with converting currency and paying with crypto saves you that trouble.


Making payments through bitcoin is much faster than payments through a bank. Since crypto is traded through the blockchain, transactions occur in seconds. This is something you will never notice for small everyday purchases with a credit card but when chartering a $20,000 private jet a bank will take time to process the payment and verify the transaction. 

This is most important for spur-of-the-moment flights. If you fly private on a regular basis you know that trips can be planned with less than a day’s notice on certain occasions and you want to ensure your money has been received by the charter company so there are no delays on your flight. 


In the name of private jets, privacy is a top priority. Paying through cryptocurrency is a fully anonymous transaction and does not reveal your banking balances to the charter company. 

Where can I book a Flight Using Crypto?

Fast Private Jet is the place to go for crypto-financed flights. They currently accept bitcoin and will be expanding to ethereum in the future. They have access to a massive fleet of jets for you to choose from. 

Their range of planes goes from entry-level jets with a capacity of four, perfect for any weekend getaway or a quick domestic business trip. The biggest jet is a fully built Boeing787, with a capacity of 40 passengers and a range of 18,500km. This plane can take your entire family or team anywhere in the world. 

Author: Nancy Gregory

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