Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2017

The Most Selective Ivy League Schools Revealed

The Ivy League School selections were released in March and clearly showed which schools were the most selective when it came to taking on new students.  Although most Ivy League schools are notoriously hard to get into, the majority having an acceptance rate of less than 10%, some are clearly more picky than others.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top four based on their ‘class of 2021’ acceptance rates.

1. Harvard

The hardest school to get a place at is currently Harvard.  Although an early action program has been reintroduced at Harvard, the school only accepted 5.2% of the students who applied for a position.  There has been some debate as to how easy it is for students from low-income backgrounds to obtain a place at the university, however, the annual attendance fees of almost $60,000 play a large part in who can apply.  Many of those who do get accepted into Harvard go on to purchase jerseys and rings from sites like Signitas to show how proud they are of their acceptance.

2. Columbia University

Based in Upper Manhattan, New York City, Columbia University is the second most selective Ivy League university for the class of 2021.  The school accepted just 5.8% of applicants, although the school is much more diverse than that of Harvard with over 50% of its students classifying themselves as “persons of color”.  50% of the students at Columbia University have obtained grants to study there, with the total annual cost of attendance being around $65,000.  Scholarships are also awarded to students who have remarkable academic and personal achievements.

Blair Hall at Princeton University Public domain photo/Wikimedia commons

3. Princeton University

Only 6.1% of applicants were accepted at Princeton University this year, making it the 3rd hardest school to get a place.  Located in New Jersey, the school’s main focuses are engineering, the humanities, and natural and social sciences.  Unlike the two universities above, Princeton University does do as much as possible to help students afford their tuition.  Around 60% of their students qualify for financial aid, and they also provide on-campus jobs to those who need them.  The US News and World Report found Princeton’s students to have the lowest levels of debt upon graduating.

4. Yale

Coming in at fourth place is Yale University.  Located in Connecticut, Yale is the third-oldest university in the United States and has one of the highest graduation rates at 98%.  Out of the 31,455 applicants who applied to study at Yale this year, only 1,972 were accepted giving the school an acceptance rate of 6.9%.  Yale does, however, offer financial aid to those who need it, and doesn’t discriminate based on background or income.

Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College and Cornell University also had low acceptance rates for the ‘class of 2021’ ranging from 8.3% to 12.5%.  Those who do manage to secure a place at an Ivy League school should be incredibly proud of their achievement.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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