Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

The Kidgy Parental Control App for Android

Kids nowadays love the internet and the latest electronic gadgets. Many of them spend more time in front of their mobile phones instead of their books and papers. There is no question that the internet and the growth of technology influence the very living of every person in the world, especially our kids. Take their electronic gadgets or cut the internet and they will get angry. 

Well, mostly because these media do have importance and are very helpful. Internet helps your kids studying.

Do they need to research for something? One click is all they need. Do they need to be excused in class because of a certain emergency?

You’re one call away.

Learning has become more fun and easier online through e-learning sites. Connecting with their friends is as easy as download, install and chat. 

However, too much use of these innovative tools is also bad. It can cause problems on your child’s health. These devices cannot help with your kid’s social growth.

Also, The internet has so many secrets you do not want your child to know. Others can be a victim of cyberbullying and can cause serious depression in some. You need to find safe apps for your family, like Vidmate, so do your homework.

So, what should you do to counter such effects on your child and only take the good ones?
Take my advice and install https://kidgy.com/kidgy-for-android for Android from Google Play! This application is designed and programmed by digital parents.It helps in the monitoring of their kid’s internet and electronic devices activities. It is quite helpful for parents who have busy schedules.

The Kidgy Parental Control App has the following features:

  • Internet Activity Monitoring: You will be able to monitor your child’s internet activities and put restrictions or thoroughly block harmful websites like adult ones. 
  • Application Manager: Take a look at your kid’s installed application on their gadgets without taking it from them. Restrict or completely block any inappropriate apps remotely and suggest educational ones. Limit their use of social media apps when studying or sleeping time.
  • Call and Text Messages Monitoring: There is no need to blatantly getting your kid’s phone and scroll through message and call history. They might have deleted it anyways (If they are keeping any secret from you) Kidgy can help you monitor their communication through call and text without them knowing and take a look at deleted text messages and call history. You can even block unknown numbers calling your child and protect your kid from any unhealthy relationships.
  • Daily Schedule Planner: Teach your child the basics of time management by setting tasks for them remotely and monitor their progress.
  • GPS Locator: Be updated on your kid’s whereabouts through Kidgy GPS Locator. No need to call or be worried about where they might be. Just one click and you will know their exact location with real-time stamps.
  • Geofencing: Protect your child when they are outside by marking safe zones on a virtual map. If your child ever leaves these safe zones without permission, you will be sent an immediate notification.
  • Panic Button: If ever your child needs your help or is in any kind of emergency, they only need to click one button which is the Kidgy Panic Button, and immediately you will be notified along with their current location.

The internet and advancement of technology can only be useful and helpful at the right time. So, you as a parent should control and restrict your kid’s usage of these tools, for their own good.

Author: Umer Farooq

photo/ Pixabay

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