Published On: Sun, Jan 25th, 2015

The importance of promotional materials to any business

When it comes to making customers happy and retaining them, the initial focus is on improving the sales experience for them. However, in more competitive sectors you may have to do a lot more to make customers value your brand.

One way to achieve this is to use promotional materials. Promotional materials are branded small items that will be of use to just about every recipient. These include t-shirts, pens, key holders, mugs, hats, and so on. “Giving a promotional product to an individual, while giving them your business card or a brochure, will immediately make them value your business a lot more; especially if the card and promotional item shout quality” says Dean, director at print-print.co.uk, brochures printing and promotional material company. “A promotional product increases the chance of your business brochure or card staying out of the dustbin by as much as 70%”, Dean adds.

What are other benefits of using promotional products?

Mugs, like these, are key to some business promotion photo/Damianosullivan

Mugs, like these, are key to some business promotion

An increase in recognition for your brand

Brand recognition is something every business wishes to achieve, and one way to drive this is to place your business in the minds of as many people as possible. Promotional products used in everyday life are nice tools to keep reminding people about your business. Over time, the recognition for your business will increase a great deal.

Low cost ways to reach more people

Today, much of advertising that will yield results is costly. Therefore, many businesses cannot afford it. Promotional products offer a way around this. 100 piece batches of promotional items given to customers and prospects can be seen by thousands of people over the life of such materials. Therefore, giving out items, as a way of saying thanks for example, will not just help endear your business to the customer, it will also serve as free advertising for your business.

An incentive to accept a business card

As Dean mentioned above, your business card will be more valued if it came with something that will be useful to the individual. So instead of giving out business cards that may never be read, give them out with something like a USB drive (if your business is a computer repair service). This, combined with you assuming the right posture, is bound to give your business card the power it deserves.

Easy way to bring repeat business

Do you run a beauty shop, an appointment reminder or special-offer-days reminder on the side of a mug is a great way to keep your customers returning without you having to spend additional money on advertising. If your business is a bar, a bottle opener will have the same effect. Promotional products help you get repeat business, and get you chosen above your competitors.

They offer another angle for your marketing department to explore

If your business has been around for a while, and has adverts on bulletin boards, side-walks, magazines, uses PPC, and so on, the mind of your audience may have been unconsciously tuned to ignore the adverts. This means they will be no more likely to patronise your business even when they have clear need for it, not because they don’t like your business name, but they simply don’t remember! Promotional products create another angle for your marketing to get into the minds of potential customers, and remain there!

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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  1. Claire says:

    Thank you Lolita for sharing the article. 70% is a lot. I love what you said about giving the marketing department another angle to explore. People have always been drawn to freebies, and I feel companies give out these promotional products a lot more often nowadays.

    I’m also feeling that, because there are so many promotional products out there, being able to make them look good and functional became super important. When these products are well-designed, customers will want to keep them and show them to those they know as well! Pretty cool advertising method.

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